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U.S. sanctions against Iran and its effects on exchange rate
U.S. sanctions against Iran and its effects on exchange rate

U.S. sanctions against Iran and its effects on exchange rate

The IFCA-2013 law is much broader than the former U.S. SDN Circle. Also, the exact number of individuals, companies and organizations subject to the sanctions of this law cannot be calculated.

Because all parts of the Revolutionary Guards, along with all the institutions associated with it, are on the list of terrorist organizations and will certainly be subject to Executive Order 13224. Now, any person or entity that cooperates with these entities will be listed on the SDN's list if it is identified by the US Department of State. You imagine that all government and non-governmental sectors that cooperate with the Revolutionary Guards have the potential to enter the U.S. sanctions list against Iran. This situation is even worse than before. Before the event, about 600 individuals and entities were listed in the list and removed 400 individuals and entities from the list. But with the passage and implementation of this law, it can be anticipated that thousands of individuals and entities will be placed on the SDN's list of sanctions against Iranian market.
In general, this is a very important event and will have a very large impact on the economy of Iranian market. Because until now, the official military institution of any country in the world has not been listed on the list of terrorist organizations or sponsors of terrorism, and the sanctions imposed by the Revolutionary Guards are the first in the world.
The World Trade Commissioner stated that S.722 would also target Rial interactions and have a bad effect on this part of Iran's financial exchanges. Therefore, another new passage that will come into being with the adoption and implementation of this law is the deepening of the gap created between the Iranian institutions that have come to an end. By dividing Iran's institutions into sanctions and breaking sanctions, the gap created another gap, as a result of this gap, some "self-sanctioned" behaviors were observed in the country's economy; such as the failure to provide some domestic banks with a number of sanctioned entities that created a lot talks at that time. In particular, the cooperation needed to establish foreign banking relations was confronted with many restrictions. But this dangerous gap is aggravated by this law. At the end, and in the sequel, No. 16 of Annex II, it is clearly stated that the internal relations of Iranian institutions are not affected by U.S. secondary sanctions. In other words, Rial relations were immune from the danger of sanctions. However, in practice, due to the complexity of banking relationships, this clause was not widely open, but it did not allow domestic cooperation between sanctions against Iranian market and non-sanctions institutions to be restored to a degree, protecting the dangers and creating a psychological relaxation for the domestic cooperation of sanctions and non-damaged institutions.
However the new law does not include immunity, even on paper, for internal relations and Rial exchanges between Iranian institutions over Iranian market, and they also target this exchange rate. This, in addition to the explicit violation of the law, which will also lead to a sharp increase in the gap created between the sanctions institutions and the non-partisan institutions of Iran.
If, in the coming days, the "Disarmament Act of Iran 2017", or the law of S.722, will be signed by U.S. President Donald Trump, we will really face a "black hole sanctions" that will bring many individuals and institutions into Iran. A list of new and old sanctions will be drawn.
SabzAliPur protested on how to set up and approve the plan, adding that the plan has sanctioned Iran, North Korea and Russia, which I do not know what is the meaning of judging Islamic Republic of Iran along with North Korea? Iran is subject to international law and is a member of all organizations and most international conventions, and has also joined the International Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and Mass Destruction for many years. Also, for years with the six powers of the world, there was intensive negotiation to build trust and build on the lack of development of nuclear weapons, which resulted in an international agreement, but North Korea did not adhere to any international treaty without respect for the rules. The world is only developing nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction! What is the relationship between the two countries that the U.S. lawmakers have put the name of Islamic Iran next to that country, which is an abrupt trick of their taste and disrespect for the international community and the great nation of Iran?
The head of the World Trade Center said: "As I have emphasized earlier and again, I repeat that the hostile action of the authorities of both prominent American parties with the Islamic Republic of Iran has been proven in the years since the victory of the revolution to date, It has also proved that Republicans' behavior and performance have become more and more hostile to the Democrats against Iran. Therefore, from this date onwards, American general pressure on us will be the same as in previous years, but due to the rule of the Republicans, especially the presence of Tramp at the head of the US executive, some tensions against Iran have been much more than those of previous years. Such as stringent visa issuance, the imposition of new and successive sanctions, the prevention of the proximity of American companies and large international companies to the Iranian market, the creation of monetary and banking restrictions and ... dozens more. However, given that the clerical government has put most of its eggs in the basket over the past four years in proximity to the United States, unfortunately, with the arrival of Tramp, there will be more barriers to implementation, with Congressional Republicans and The executive branch at the same time. As a result of imposing new sanctions and restrictions on Iran, it will not be far from expected, and in the short term the clerical government will be closing and psychologically negatively affecting the morale of Iranian economic activists and even aspiring foreigners to cooperate with Iranian market. The adoption of the S.722 Act has a bad effect on the Iranian market’s currency, and the implementation of this law will increase the exchange rate in the free market somewhat. On the other hand, the increase in the exchange rate will have a negative impact on imports of consumer goods, and the price of imported goods will also be more expensive, which will push the consumer and increase the inflation rate.
Also, with this and with the hostilities of the U.S. government against Iran, the majority of people's confidence in the implementation of the deal will surely be eliminated, which will cause a huge shock to the various markets of Iran, especially the foreign exchange market. Conversely, with the growth of the exchange rate, the stock market value will decrease. Also, considering that the price index of other commodities is also based on the dollar, then the increase in the exchange rate will increase the price of other consumer goods, which will impose a new inflation on Iranians.