Ski equipment in Iranian market

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Ski equipment in Iranian market

Ski accessories
Ski accessories and, in particular, ski walks have changed a lot in recent years for marketing in Iran by vast advertising in Iran, but what is now the favorite of skiers is the new carving skis. Skis based on their design have different styles for professional skiers.

The first difference in this kind of ski is in the areas where pressure is applied to them.
In the ordinary skiing, the main role is played in the performance, and of course the change was very important, but in the new ski, we see quite different styles. In Carving, knees play the main role, with all the pressure on the knees and, of course, with the pressure on the knees, slips on its edges, and as a result, the foot changes are completely obsolete. That’s why the well qualified equipment is very important issue out of this sport for marketing in Iran.
This change not only causes changes in the type of coverage and the purchase and sale of some home appliances such as heat and cold appliances, but also in sports and their fans in Iranian market. If the summer season was a pool season, especially outdoor swimming pools and water sports, with the arrival of the cold, snowboarding enthusiasts are ready to go to ski tracks.
Skiing is one of the sports that attract many enthusiasts thanks to the beautiful divine blessing of snow. Let's not forget that in Iranian market, due to the cost of the ski equipment and the high price of the entrance to the track, only a certain number of people tend to this sport, but anyway, this particular stratum is so large that Dizin, Shemshak, Resort etc. are fill in the ski season.
Stock Buying & Selling Ski Supplies in Iranian market
If you go to the Mouniryah Square and Sepah Street, you will reach stores that sell specialized sports equipment, which is part of the ski equipment. Hakimi is a reseller of ski equipment in Monirieh.
According to him, skiing is a precious sport and only a certain kind of people pay for it in Iranian market. Some stores in the area sell ski equipment in a haphazard fashion.
According to him, supermarkets are selling more in this area, as most sports applicants live in the upper parts of the city and prefer to buy skiing equipment from abroad or from the same store in the Iranian market.
According to him, stores in the streets of Africa, Sanai, Shiraz, Pasdaran and Venak have more sales than the stores in the Mouniryah Square.
Zakeri, another vendor of sporting goods, told our reporter: Ski equipment for marketing in Iran is generally imported from Europe. In other words, the monopoly of the production of ski equipment is in the hands of eight European countries including France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Spain.
According to him, Salamon, Heads, Nijns and Rossignals are famous brands of ski equipment. "The eight European ski experts are jointly bringing ski equipment into the global markets, the Iranian market being one of the centers for selling their goods," said Hashemi, another skier equipment seller.
According to him, domestic companies do not operate ski equipment for marketing in Iran and they do not have any advertising in Iranian market. Skiing, footwear, ski fixture mounted on wood, batons, hats and glasses, jackets, trousers and so on are basic Ski equipment which can be found in Iranian market. Fixes and ski shoes are priced at between 80 and 250 USD.
The rocket baton is sold at a price of about 13-70 thousand Tomans in Iranian market depending on the materials used in its manufacture, such as iron, carbon, titanium and fiberglass. The price of glasses used for skiing also varies according to their capabilities.
Glasses for use in skiing include four common types of normal sunglasses, Sliti sunglasses, antistatic sunglasses, spectacles for stormy air and fog, and two-sided and close-up spectacles, said Farzad Momeni, a glasses seller.
The price of spectacles for skiing according to their type and capabilities is between 17 to 300 and sometimes 500 thousand Tomans available for marketing in Iran.
As for the price of a ski suit, Abbas Bahrami says: "There are generally three models of ski suits available on the Iranian market, which include simple clothing that acts as a snap when it comes to get in touch with the ground.
Waterproof clothing is another type of ski suit that prevents moisture from penetrating into clothing.
The crutches are simple, and the third is ski clothing that does not penetrate into the clothes at very low temperatures and extreme cold, and it also keeps body heat. The cost of ski suits varies from 60 to 700 thousand Tomans depending on the type of clothing which are sold for marketing in Iran.
According to experts, for about two years, China also operates in the field of ski equipment in Iranian market, selling its products at prices about 30-40% cheaper than the European ones. He believes that Chinese products are selling at reasonable rate.
The snowboard, which has been used in Iran for about six years, is a fun sport that does not require skiing skills. The accessories used include board, fix and shoes. The price of the equipment is about 400 to one million and 500 thousand Tomans. Of course, these costs depend on the brand, the factory and the producer country.
As we said about the price of ski equipment in Iranian market, it's logical to mention the cost of skiing too. To enter the ski resort, you must pay about 7-10 thousand USD for ski equipment and it usually cost you about 7-15 thousand USD.

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