CCTV in Iranian market

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CCTV in Iranian market

It can be said that the peak of the Iranian market for CCTV cameras has been between the years 2003 and 2017. Though the CCTV marketing in Iran has been in a downtrend before and after this era, most of the market's activists nowadays believe that CCTV marketing in Iran has reached its peak.

Here's the correctness of this issue and its reasons.
How is CCTV sales rate in Iranian market?
The fact is that the sales volume of CCTV equipment in Iranian market in recent years is a relatively large number. Big companies still have a billion sales per month of their products, and there is a huge monetary cycle in Iranian market. Of course, this sale is no longer on the rise, the amount of sales of cordial products has grown steadily for several years, and this share of sales is shifted between brands, vendors, and companies.
If sales are high then where is the problem?
Fixed sales and market entry growth
During the growth of the CCTV marketing in Iran, there were a lot of impressions about the lucidity of this market, which was, to some degree, true. Many of today's CCTV market players are people who have entered the Iranian market with great profit in those days. But the problem is that by stopping the growth of sales of CCTV products, new people are still entering in the Iranian market. As a result, a steady share of the market should be divided among more people.
Sell Brands
In recent years, the CCTV marketing in Iran has gone on to sell authentic brands instead of other products. Naturally, brands have a definite price on the Iranian market, and access to their prices is easier for the customer, thus reducing the amount of profits from the sale of over-the-counter products over time. Of course, the replacement of branding rather than other goods has increased the confidence of people in the camera market and reduced the distrust of the market, and this process has prevented a sharp drop in the purchase of surveillance products.
Compete in price
With increasing competition in the CCTV marketing in Iran due to various reasons, market players are forced to make more efforts to sell their products. Meanwhile, each company uses a particular method to attract more customers, but the way everyone believes it is lowering the price of products to attract customers. Of course, price competition works like a double-edged sword. By selling cheaper products, the profit from sales is also reduced, so the vendor will have to sell more volumes of products to gain previous profit.
In the meantime, it's possible to imagine that the customer is the only winner, but with a reduction in profits, different companies and vendors are thinking of getting more profit from other methods (such as reducing installation quality, reducing the quality of equipment, getting unreasonable costs, etc.). This eventually ends up at the expense of the customer and eliminates trust in the market.
What will be the sequel of CCTV in Iranian market?
Previous experiences in similar markets (such as the PC market) have shown that with market-driven downward trend times, market stability will return, but maybe the camera market may never be able to return to its top-of-the-line profits.
Cyber security
In the past, there were fewer security concerns about cyber security of CCTV cameras, recorders, and access control devices, but issues such as bat notes or penetration into Western CCTV cameras like Oxycam changed the story and increased public awareness of cyber security Found. The same thing can still be important in 2018:
• China will retreat. Using thousands of engineers to solve the problem and produce products that are safer in terms of security.
• Cyber security video surveillance systems will be more important.
• Because of security awareness around Chinese devices and companies, many buyers and distributors of CCTV servers are outsourced to inappropriate brands, and the security of these products has become an empirical laboratory for CCTV companies.
• Manufacturers are asked to show their cyber security products and software to users. The reason is that IT employees want to avoid hacking internal corporate networks. We use internal ACS and IP networks.
• More emphasis should be placed on network security and separation.
Consolidation of companies
It's not that all the glances in 2017 are geared toward improving or developing component technology, but manufacturers also expect the industry's key players to be more powerful, and smaller firms, if not bought by the largest ones, should at least follow them.
• Japanese or Western security firms join each other to compete with Chinese companies.
• Bosch buys Sony Company.
• Sony and the Bush Company are combined and form a company.
• Anyone who monitors the electronics industry finds that out of thousands of TV companies we only have 3 or 4 titles, and this happens in the CCTV market and video surveillance systems.
At least one main player emerges from this competition field for marketing in Iran.
• A lot of players go out of the Iranian market, and unfortunately, this year's competition is intensifying.
• Hayek Vision's weak competitors, such as the Digital Watchdog, are trying to survive, but are quickly hurt by trying to match Hayek Vision strategies. Hayek Vision is still able to win the 0% win at a broad and state-sponsored level, and other companies will not be able to sustain their position in the same competitive strategy for the long term, either they have to change the game or pursue another industrial endeavor.
• Death or accumulation or purchase of small companies or brand renaming
• With the increasing quality of Chinese products and CCTV cameras, we will see small companies in the future.
Competing for the price of CCTV
In 2016, we saw a steady decline in prices, and the market is still in this position. This is still felt by respondents in 2018, and more important companies are also showing lower-cost products.
• Users value more than before.
• I hope the major camera companies will reduce the price of their products to compete with rivals!
• Many products due to warfare, the price of Hayek Vision in CCTV projects is in the middle of the market in popularity.
• The tendency towards CCTV cameras continues in the industry. It’s a race to cut margins.
• Lower prices in CCTV and more customization.


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