Women's clothing stores in Iranian market

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Women's clothing stores in Iranian market

There are many choices to buy women's clothing in Tehran, no matter if they are looking for artistic or branded clothes, if they have a lot of money or hardly have enough money to shop, anyway you can find a place to buy.

According to the correspondent of the journalist's bazaar market, in specific occasions, shopping centers in Iranian market, especially the shopping centers that are specifically for women, the market is hot, and everyone is choosing and bargaining for the clothes they choose and for it may take several hours to grasp it. The shopping centers are not so small in Tehran, and everyone goes to a special shopping mall according to their taste and their economic rate. That is why all the shops over Iranian market do not have enough women to buy clothes; on the contrary women by getting close to the last month of the year make the shopping temper reach its best potential which in some level is kind of hard to control for shop keepers in Iranian market.
The other capability of the capital is that most of the stuff has its own place, for example, those who are looking for sofa and bed, they know that they should go to the home appliances centers such as Vanak in Iranian market, or those who want to buy cosmetics should go to Hassanabad. Buying clothes and female stuff are not the exception. Of course, many shopping centers usually have a set of tools, but there are many items that are unique to a particular purchase. In the following report, we introduce Tehran's many shopping malls that are suitable for women's shopping.
Tehran Market is a place for any type of shopping
The great market of Tehran for many years is the main destination for many women to buy because it is easy to find all the necessary items by attending different orders in the Iranian market, this market has different options. One part of the market is dedicated only to shoes, and another part is devoted to comfort suits and socks. New passages that have been added to the market in recent years also have a lot of customers, because they offer somewhat more up-to-date products to the costumers for marketing in Iran, while at the same time there is not much difference in price with the rival markets. Passage Reza, Passage Mariam or the new shopping mall of Marvi are among these centers in Iranian capital market. In any case, the point that cannot be ignored is which Tehran market can be considered to have the most reasonable price in Iranian market, maybe many do not believe it, but nowadays by spending 15 to 20 thousand Tomans you can buy a bag in Tehran market!
Good choices for fabric shopping
Many women are not looking to buy ready-made clothes but have their own trusted tailors. Of course, this does not mean that they are comfortable and do not go out for shopping, because buying cloth, garments, buttons and other items needed to sew clothes, is not out of the menu and easy to follow for beginners. In Tehran, the draperies are not rare, the great market of Tehran has a special order for the purchase of fabrics, although some of its shoppers are the major sellers, Rumi is another option to buy fabrics filled with various passages with a variety of fabrics. Abdul Abad is another Tehran fabric center, and finally Zarathustra is full of draperies. In this case, the first three options are of the same and suitable prices, although in each of them, although cheap fabrics can be found, fabrics of a special type and high price are also found, but Zoroaster has a suffering a higher price, and according to many, there are fabulous and sharper fabrics available for sale in Iranian market. Of course, Tehran's Gandhi Street is also one of the well-known shopping centers for women to buy fabrics, despite being few drapery shops.
Where do you buy bags and shoes?
Shopping for bags and shoes is one of the most important parts of women's shopping. In most shopping centers, there are centers selling bags and shoes, while various leather dealers are scattered throughout Iranian market. But from the main points of Tehran for this type of shopping the women's garden of Sepah Salar Street is fully available out of the shops. Prices on this street vary by goods raw materials; however, you can find your target in a good quality and affordable price at this center. Of course, the part of Baharestan field is also dedicated to selling bags and shoes, which has fewer prices than other centers prices. Manuchehri is another option to buy bags and shoes, which, of course, does not have a lot of goods because many shops along the street sell bags and luggage.
Square that women love it!
Many are known as the mantle and coat sales center of the Southern Haft-e Tir square and many other shops. There are several shops for sale of men's, coats, trousers or scarves, and the positive point is that with any suffering, price and quality can be purchased from this range. Another reason why ladies like shopping in Hafte-Tir square is that they can walk to Moftah Street, a little walk, which is women's clothing show.
Vanak is a place for a complete purchase
The Vanak Square range is a great option for all types of women's purchases, such as Vanak Shopping Center, Vancouver Sky Tower, Burbank, Sorkh Bazaar or Gandhi Street are some of the places that many women are looking in order to buy. One of the main benefits of buying from Vanak Square is that there is a wide range of women's products in the area, from branded and unmarked fabrics to home appliances, each with varying degrees of price ranges from moderate to high.

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