Linens for marketing in Iran

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Linens for marketing in Iran

Iran is full of Chinese linens. What is the good stuff here?
The textile industry in each country is considered one of the most important industries and of course it is very important industry in Iranian market too.

In the bedroom applicant category, we must know that today it is a special place and the bedroom decoration without a suitable sleep service will never be completed. Unfortunately, the Iranian textile industry for marketing in Iran and the production of linen cloths cannot satisfy Iranian market. Therefore, we see foreign goods in this case. Most fabrics in Iranian market are from Turkey and China. But as you know, the Chinese are leading the industry as much as they can.
The main purpose of the reviewing this article is the quality of Chinese products for marketing in Iran.
Chinese goods are made in Iranian market as merchant orders. If the quality of work is low, then we should be responsible for the business in Iran. The most popular group of Chinese linens with a width of 250 cm in the whole market of Iran is presented and the main group is considered as second choice.
Cheap fabrics with low density tissue and polyester or worse flamenco are quite recognizable and require no special attention. But a group of high-priced fabrics often have a high density, and it is difficult to determine if the color of the fabric is stable enough. For the first time, we will look at the edge of the fabric. The name of the reputable Chinese companies will be included in this section of the licensed product for marketing in Iran. Companies like vasong, lmf, bebeka as well as fashion are very famous in this field and we can rely on these brands which are available in Iranian market.
The second way is to look at the fabric. If the color printed on the matte and damp cloth is sure to be thoroughly washed away with just a single wash; you should try to select the fabric that is more transparent. Of course, the red color is a little sensitive. The third way is just to test the fabric with 70 degree water, which unfortunately is not always possible. The good quality Latin bed linen known as Satin is one of the best products for the production of bedroom applicants and has found a unique place in Iranian market.
Good quality. The variety of design, the sensation and attraction of the design and the role are very important for fabric marketing in Iran. All of these are very important to be testable in the Iranian market. It's interesting to know that the price of good quality and poor quality in China is only 10 cents. And the merchant gives a poorly-colored fabric to a small profit. Hoping for the day we produce all of this in our own country, since production is undoubtedly a sensitive matter for marketing in Iran.
Antibacterial bed linen
This cotton-polyamide linen cloth contains anti-bacterial silver nanoparticles that are used in polyamide threads containing silver nanoparticles in its tissue. The use of silver in the manufacture of textiles has contributed to the development of health care. Silver is anti-bacterial and, due to the high penetration of silver nanoparticles, it can eliminate microorganisms. Hospital beds are a very good environment for the growth and multiplication of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the use of antibacterial sheets is a suitable way to reduce the transmission of bacteria to patients, hospital staff and visitors create an unpleasant odor in the hospital environment.
The best places to buy fabrics in Iranian market
Some markets and passages provide all kinds of cloths, but some also sell only a certain type of cloth. Here you will get acquainted with the main points of the merchandise of Iranian market. Ideal Life Magazine: It's time to buy fabrics that doubt the existence of stock exchanges and shopping centers and markets with different commodities and prices. Some markets and passages provide all kinds of cloths, but some also sell only a certain type of cloth. Here you will get acquainted with the main points of the merchandise of Iranian market.
Tehran's Great Market
If you want to go shopping, the department of textile wholesaler is located at the end of the market and is in the harbor called Amir Kabir. In this series, all kinds of fabrics are made up of chalets and upholstery fabrics and are sold in bulk or in part. This market is very suitable for those who are producing, because with the purchase of a major fabric, its price may even be half as much. If you are looking for a job, a button, a zipper, and a variety of brands and covers, we offer you a wide range of markets. In addition to the storefronts in the neighborhoods, there are several streets in the city. Among these are the Rumi streets, Zarathustra, along with the Abdul Abad neighborhood, the Miri Tajrish passage and Gandhi Street are the most important markets for the sale of textiles.
Rumi Market
Among the draperies, the Rumi market is more comprehensive and you will find every piece you want in the Rumi Multilevel passage. The variety of fabrics in this Iranian market is satisfying almost any kind of tastes. From curtains and upholstery to dantel and gipour fabrics and various types of décor, chador and so on can be found here. Because of the large size and diversity of this passage, most people prefer to shop there. Many customers of this place have sometimes made it a lot of shopping tricks that buyers should pay attention to and their senses are priced.
For example, backpacking is one of the policies of the vendors of this passage. It rolls the fabrics into different slopes and sells them as cheaper and apparently cheaper in the baskets of their shop, if this is the dealer's craze to tempt buyers to buy cheap! In fact, they use this policy to sell non-sewn cloths or fabrics that do not have a customer due to the lack of fashion. In spite of the particular conditions that marketers apply about their products and sell them at cheaper prices, sometimes they sell at full cost and they do not make a discounted for them. However, the price of this passage is much lower than the prices for Gandhi and Zarathustra.

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