Examine the Shampoo Market in Iran

Category: Blog Published: Tuesday, 04 December 2018
Examine the Shampoo Market in Iran

Market Research Unit: According to studies carried out by the agency of the BadKoba Advertising Agency, hair care from the old age has been especially important among women in Iranian market,

during which time the flowers and eggs were the first to kill, since not only the hair was clean and soft, but it also strengthened the hair onions, but now the flower has given its place to all types of shampoos for marketing in Iran.
Shampoo data from 62 countries show that 98% of Iranians use shampoos to wash their hair while bathing, in other words, 5.68 million people use shampoos, which if taken into account Per capita consumption of 12 shampoos for each Iranian shampoo market in Iran is at least 820 million. In general, Iranians account for 820 million shampoos per year as the world's largest shampoo consumer.
The market research department of Euro Monitors, which has shown interest in the Iranian cosmetics market over the past few years and has published numerous reports, has recently announced that the market value of skin care products in Iranian market is due to broad advertising in Iran and marketing in Iran over 24 percent to over $ 300 million in 2010.
The amount of imports includes products such as skin care products, cosmetic products, body odorants and anti-inflammatory sweat, perfumes and colognes, related products before, during and after facial correction, eye makeup products, cosmetic powders, preparations It relates to the lips makeup and nail makeup products for marketing in Iran.
In the case of consumer hair shampoos, about half of consumers use normal hair shampoos. Another half of the consumers use shampoos for their type and need their hair on their model. Like a shampoo for greasy, dry hair, etc. The following figure shows shampoo breakdowns in Iranian market.
Consuming a shampoo brand can have a direct relationship with the social class and lifestyle for Iranian costumers. The Iranian market research unit of BadKoba Advertising Agency has grouped up shampoo brands based on lifestyle. In this grouping, according to social characteristics of individuals and attention to product quality, several general categories can be distinguished among consumers. Accordingly, some people care about the quality and brand of shampoo, and the price does not matter to them. Most of the brands used by this group are foreign, and these people are in the upper classes. In contrast to the people who are in the lower classes of society and what is important for this group is the price of the goods and the Iranian goods that have lower prices are welcomed by this group very much more. But people in the middle class of society put quality and price together. This consumer group chooses the best brand in Iranian market and even the foreign brand at a low price.
The most important influential factor in choosing a shampoo brand is social class, and gender and age groups have no significant effect on the consumption of Iranian and foreign shampoos available for marketing in Iran.
In the process of using Iranian and foreign shampoo for a period of 2 years, it can be said that the use of shampoo in the last three periods was almost constant, but the consumption of external shampoo has been met with a neo-consciousness.
It seems that the Iranian market still wants high-quality brands for middle-to-high and brands with good quality and affordable prices for the middle class. Brands who want to enter the Iranian market need to accurately define their brand target group by identifying their distinctive brand identity and by determining their target group's insights on their product type.
Choosing a great shampoo for many people is a great challenge! On the other hand, the importance of the hair and its make-up model in apparent beauty on the one hand and the presence of brands, whose counting is virtually impossible, has, on the other hand, made the shampoo selection process and the trust of a brand an important consumer concern. But in any case, some brands are on the market due to their history and success in gaining consumer confidence.
False advertising in Iran on the shampoo market
There is no shampoo that prevents hair loss and strengthens the hair. Everything we see is the ad there in the market for the sale of billions of shampoos. The fact is that the dead tissue of the hair does not need to be strengthened to be preserved by using a shampoo.
"The bold and eloquent promotions we see about shampoos that strengthen and anti-hair loss in the domestic and foreign media, has led some people who are very sensitive of their hair, using these shampoos in their application," ISNA reported. And pay a lot of money to buy such shampoos with different foreign and Iranian brands. The hard working conditions have caused many hair shampoos and hair cosmetic products that claim to be vitamin-based, in fact, free of vitamins.
Strengthening shampoos cannot grow hair. These shampoos have large molecules that do not absorb the skin. Of course, like a layer on the stem will cover the hair and repair it, but it does not affect hair growth. Even if hair growth is low, the cause of that shampoo is not, because the greatest property is a hair shampoo.
Shampoos and lotions containing vitamins are removed after washing with water, so there is not much value in adding them to detergents. Others also obsessed with the use of vitamin A shampoos that suppose they had a hair loss for a while when they were taking normal shampoos. But does the use of these shampoos actually affect hair loss?
An interview with the secretary of the Iranian Dermatology and Hairdressing and Beauty Association some time ago was about how certain shampoos were used to prevent hair loss, in which they acknowledged: "Shampoos are detergents that are only used as detergents for cleansing. And clean hair. In fact, the shampoo's property is to remove contamination from the hair. Of course, some shampoos have a soothing effect, and people who have dry hair use these shampoos. "
The secretary of the Iranian Dermatologist and Beauty Association believes that vitamin A shampoos do not affect hair loss and says: "In fact, there is no shampoo that prevents hair loss and strengthens hair. Everything we see is the advertisement that is available on the Iranian market for shampoos. The fact is that the dead tissue of the hair does not need to be strengthened to be preserved by using a shampoo. "
You may be surprised to hear such a story, but he emphasizes that the use of vitamins and proteins is essential for vital organs, while the tissue is dead and does not need to be strengthened, says: "What is seen in shampoo advertising in Iran is there is no scientific basis, and skin and hair experts also confirm that the presence of vitamins and proteins in shampoos cannot have any effect on hair loss or promote hair growth." In fact, the deficiency of iron, zinc and some hormonal diseases is the main cause of hair loss or loss of growth and weakness of hair, and shampoo has no effect on these diseases.


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