Iranian fish market

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Iranian fish market

The main pole of fishing and sale of Iranian fish market is facing problems caused by Iraqi tourists.
According to the Provincial Department of Young Journalists Club of Abadan, Abadan is the southern city of Iran, which is bordered with Shadegan and Vmahshhr.

This city is one of the most watered cities in the province of Khuzestan, along with two rivers Arvand and Bahmaneshir. Iranian fishing market in Abadan has the highest rate of exchange with global market. This city has two strong rivers and it is near the Persian Gulf, most of its fame over marketing in Iran is, as known as, the main fishing pole. However, these days in Iranian fishing market out of Abadan fish has become rare. One of Abadan's citizens whose life goes on fishing for marketing in Iran said: "The best fish are in Abadan, but prices have risen sharply over the past few months because we cannot easily compete with new advanced fishing machinery." Another citizen also said that fish had a very low price some time ago, but unfortunately nowadays the price has multiplied.
The reason for the shortage of fish in Abadan
Fisheries officials say that overheating, sprawl, and low rainfall have reduced fishing opportunities. Because low rainfall causes the water to become muddy, and the muddy water reduces fishing rate. But there are also other problems that increase the price of fish in Iranian market a few times. The existence of Iraqis and the over-buying of fish by them is another factor in the high value of this aquatic market. The visa waiver for foreign tourists has been carried out by Arvand Free Zone since last December, and this has been encountered by tourists, especially Iraqi citizens, and many Iraqi tourists go to the Arvand Free Zone and Abadan and Khorramshahr which Ports daily not only to visit Iranian market, but also for marketing in Iran, shopping in Iran, sale in Iran and such.
Buying fish by foreigners has caused a lot of problems
Many people, and even fish sellers, say the Iraqi people are too keen to buy fish, and in many cases the use of dollars to buy fish has increased its prices.
One of the fish sellers in this regard, said in an interview with the correspondent of the provinces of the young journalists club of Abadan, said: Foreign nationals in Abadan are expanding livestock in the sea sells for earning dollars out of fish marketing in Iran, which made the fish Market confused.
A solution to avoid water scarcity in Abadan
The Free Zone officials have implicitly agreed on the issue of prices and offered a solution to price controls.
Ali Mousavi, the Deputy Director of Economic and Investment in Arvand Free Zone, said that prices will be balanced by implementing a plan to ban fish, chicken and meat from foreign tourists in Iranian market, he said in an interview with the youth club's provincial: "The plan Regarding the government's regulatory policies for domestic production, support for the people and the regulation of the executive market, which is expected to stabilize the market and stabilizes prices. He added that the withdrawal of fish, chicken, and red-warm meat from the border of Shalamche as well as the blue border is prohibited for domestic consumption, and tourists coming from Iraq and other countries to the region do not have the right to purchase these products to export from Iran.
The arrangements remained intact
It was supposed that authorities at the border crossing in Shalamcheh would prevent the exit of fish out of Iranian market, fresh red meat and white meat from foreigners in order to set the market and witness price reductions. But that has not yet been realized, and there is no indication of the implementation of this law at the border of Shalamche. One of the citizens at the border of Shalamcheh said in an interview with the reporter of the provincial youth club: By declaring the law to prevent the exodus of fish and poultry by foreigners, no products have been returned to the border and tourists are not being examined. And the Iraqis will import these products from Iranian market to their country.
The border authorities of Shalamche also said that the new law is in force, but our resolve is dogged, and the load with the passenger is checked, they are to be reminded that they must return to the mainland if they have meat and poultry products. Chief of Abadan Chamber of Commerce also said at a meeting with Fisheries and Marine Administrations: "We are going to approve this summit so that the price of fish will be determined every morning and sold on the Iranian fish market." Ali Mousavi, Deputy Director of Business Development and Development of Arvand Free Zone Organization, said in a conversation with the reporter of the provincial youth club of young journalists from Abadan that during the meeting with the guild we decided to take control of the fish market and prevent the shortage of fish in Iranian market. He added that the fishermen were to be justified to sell their fish in the sea and to sell their product on land. "This applies to foreign nationals," said Deputy Director of Business Development and Development at Arvand Free Zone Organization. "We have announced to the union that there will be no sale of fish to foreigners and those on the list of banned fish in order to prevent fish shortages in the Iranian market."

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