Glass cutting equipment and mirror work in Iranian market

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Glass cutting equipment and mirror work in Iranian market

What do we want to set up a glass workshop?
Glass cutting equipment and mirror work
1. Glass workshop requires a space for storing glasses. In order to make optimal use of available space, as well as greater ease of work and safety,

it is recommended to use iron steels. So first of all, consider the place for installing vaults. Below are two types of common vault glass warehouses in Iranian market.
2. A good cutting table (wood or iron) is another requirement of the workshop. The height of 100 to 120 cm is suitable for the cutting table. The length and width of the table depends on the workspace space. Try to have a wheelchair table to be removable if necessary. Handling is an important advantage for the cutting table. Cutting tables also have good function and high safety and suitable for the needs of Iranian market and Iranian glass industry.
3. Suitable wooden cover for the floor of the workshop, especially inside vaults and glass inserts. Use soft and comfortable wooden parts in place of vaults and glass storage.
4. Safety equipment: Suitable gloves for glass, first aid kit, shoes and work clothes.
5. Glass-cutting tools: diamond glass cutter, wooden ruler, diamond cutter T (T), general tool box including screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wire, cutter and so on.
6. Provide local glass for spillage. It's best to use metal trash and the like. It is more appropriate to place simple glass apart from other types, because when glass is recycled, these glasses are separated from the rest.
7. A convenient combination of glass types; The most used glass in a glass workshop is a simple glass of 4 mills, especially if you tend to be more active in the field of glass construction, because the glass of 4 simple beads is also of great use and in all types of double-glazed glass can also be used. Glasses required by a glass workshop in order of priority include: 4 simple molds (preferably flutes), 4 membranes, 6 single molds, 6 mb brass, 5 mb bronze, 4 mb glasses, flute mirror. Glass 8 moles, glass 10 moles simple, 8 smoke and bronze, 10 smoke and bronze and so on.
The mirror of work in Iranian market was from ancient times, and there were many individuals and artists and industry experts involved in this work out of marketing in Iran and global marketing. They made various geometric and non-geometric shapes and various flowers with a mirror to map the bodies. Different thicknesses can be made. We can even do the work mirror on the pottery, for which we need materials and tools, such as the mirror to the thickness we want, glue to paste the mirror, this type of adhesive loses its color after hanging its mirror. Pottery, handkerchiefs and diamonds for mirrors are the main glassy industry in Iranian market. The paint is specially made for this. In order to mirror the work on the pottery, first we remove the pottery and then lay the bowl on the dish. The mosaic of the ancient traditions was this and the canvas. And has various uses and uses in traditional Iranian industry and architecture for marketing in Iran. The work of some mosques and places is so nice and beautiful that each heart conquering the heart and enticing the hearts. For the mirror, first, each mirror is divided into smaller pieces, but if these pieces are not the same, there is nothing, and the same pieces can be used. That the various pieces in the mirror are the same as the one they will be more beautiful and more charming. But if we want to be more accurate and sizes are the same, we must first remove the ruler and, after regular alignment on the mirrors, split them into pieces.
Use glass-cut diamonds in mirror industry
Of course, we can use a special glass cut diamond to cut the mirrors, which can be much better. We should be careful when we want to cut the work mirror and keep it tight while holding the mirror (by fingers). Let's get into our eyes. Now we can stick together pieces of mirrors with the stick that we can put together to match the beautiful design of the mirror. For the mirror, we need the materials we give below, for example, white cement and rock powders to intermix between parts that have a ratio of 1 to 3 mixture which are rarely available in Iranian market. We also have the option of buying ready-made mortar, which of course we can make our work easy and work hard to make the mortar for the work mirror. Well, we can use mortar even for use with gypsum and water. After preparing the mortar, we'll put it all in place, to paint and getting our own glaze ready for marketing in Iran. Once we have cleaned the mirrors and removed all the dust from it, we can now begin to mirror the work. We can use the mirror in our home and give a nice home decor. We can design a special design for our home. And if we want to make the living room look like a mirror, our design mirror is also compatible with Consider home decoration to get together and their beauty to double.
Why do we do the mirror work in Iranian market?
We do a mirror because we need beauty, we make a mirror because we all love to be beautiful and there are a variety of decorations in our home. The mirrors always have a special effect everywhere and imagine that thousands of pieces a small mirror is located next to each other and sparkles themselves in the interior of the house. We can use the mirror everywhere in our home. The mirror can also be attractive in the bedroom. At night, with light radiation an intuitive visual effect is created in the bedroom. The work of the mirror always leads to the aristocracy of that place, and the intersection of different and coherent lights the mirror in the mirror can add to the charm of a collection and make it more beautiful. We can even use the mirror in the hall, which can be very beautiful and create a special visual effect at home, so you can also add a little more to your home's beauty and make it more delight. The mirror work in Iranian market has man fans; however, it is a little expensive, experts are trying to make it more affordable for marketing in Iran.

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