Introducing the best external hard drives available in the Iranian market

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Introducing the best external hard drives available in the Iranian market

Due to the dramatic increase in file types and programs in recent years, the use of secondary hard drives along with primary hard drives has become very popular in Iranian market. So that most of the people prefer to have all the information, both personal and business to carry them at any place.

External hard drives are usually used to back up data because of their high capacity. In addition, it can be stored alongside the main computer memory store information on them. Whatever the reasons for using it (whether it's backing up or having more storage capacity), the existence of external HDDs is indispensable and indisputable not only in Iranian market but also in global market.
In this article we introduce the best external HDDs in the Iranian market:
1-Seagate Backup Plus Slim:
With more than 30 years of experience in producing and supplying over 1 billion hard drives, Sigit has gained the confidence of its customers and is one of the leading companies in the field of hard disk manufacturing in the world and Iranian market. The company's hard drives are one of the world's best-known hard disks which is popular and suitable for marketing in Iran. Seagate Slim is one of the thinnest existing hard drives in Iranian market. This is the hardest, slimmer and best way to keep everything that matters to you. This hard drive can protect your information by taking easy backups. Other features of the hard disk include the ability to automatically save social networking photos and share social networking photos and videos with just one click. The drive is equipped with a USB 3.0 high-speed interface with 10 times the bandwidth and three times faster than the previous generation USB2.0 which indicates good characteristics for marketing in Iran.
2- + Elgato Thunderbolt Drive:
This hard drive is the fastest available hard drive on the Iranian market and global market, and with the help of the Thunderbolt port, it can speed up to 290MB / s, which has a very high speed to read the data, but it should also be noted that the Thunderbolt port has not yet been mastered by USB ports. The reason behind Thunderbolt is the USB 3.0 port for connecting to the rest of the systems on this hard disk. This hard drive has a capacity of 256GB and 512GB and is unfortunately not available in Iranian market; however, this hard drive has lots of costumers over global market.
3- Seagate Backup plus Fast:
This 4TB hard drive not only has the highest capacity of portable hard drives, but also it is one of the fastest in this field, this hard drive reads as fast as 232 MB / s, and it is a good hard disk drive for those who need a lot of space. There is a high speed file transfer that makes this hard disk suitable for movie editors and those who do video editing in Iranian market. This hard disk has a price of about 950 thousand Tomans in the Iranian market and it is guaranteed by compatible varieties for up to two years for marketing in Iran.
4-Western Digital My Passport Ultra:
My Passport Ultra's ultra-portable ultra-portable hard drives have a very nice design in 4 different colors, small size, low weight and various storage sizes, ideal for a variety of uses. This series of hard drives was introduced in 2013 by the famous and popular Western Digital company for marketing in Iran. My Passport Ultra-Portable Hard Drive with Smart ware Professional Western Digital Backup Features, make it truly easy to back up your drive. Ultra-pass transferring all files via USB 3.0 which shows that it connections is very fast. With the ability to encrypt it, you can also protect all your data inside this hard drive. The price of 1TB of this product in the Iranian market is about 250 thousand Tomans.
5- WD My Passport Slim:
You cannot use the Ultra Western Digital series because they are not available in Iranian market, but you can use the slim hard drive, which, along with its high performance, is small and lightweight as a feature of this hard drive. Of course, the metal body of this hard drive has given it a special look.
6- Silicon Power Armor A80:
This hard drive is one of the best hard drives for marketing in Iran, with its robust and beautiful design, it has been able to open up a good place in the Iranian market and it is suitable for those who have their hard drives always with them and have fear of data failure. It has a hard disk drive that is resistant to water, dirt and pressure, and has been able to meet the IEC 529 IPX7 standard for water resistance, indicating the ability to stay at a depth of about 1 meter (3 feet) for 30 Minute, and the other standard that the hard disk has been able to achieve, which has called it an armor. The standard MIL-STD- The 810F 516.5 is the US Army which has been awarded a hard drive to withstand the fall, indicating that the hard drive has the ability to withstand a fall of 120 cm during displacement, and another noteworthy local installation for Placing a hard drive cable alongside the hard drive that makes the hard drive always available next to it.

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