The billionth sale of foreign animals in Iranian market

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The billionth sale of foreign animals in Iranian market

The coexistence of humans and animals has long existed in Iranian society, so that in the past, residential houses were in the form of a courtyard and animals like chicken and cock were kept in the courtyard, as well as cattle and sheep in some other rural houses in order to use these livestock and their products to prepare food.

With the development of finding other cities, there are no large houses in citizen’s courtyards, and other animals such as chicken and cock are not kept in residential homes, but in the last decade some animals have been kept among the population, especially the townspeople, animals such as cats , Dogs, rabbits, bird species, aquatic fishes and such as a result somewhere open for service, care and sell themselves in residential areas.
These animals of different height and size, with different faces and races from other countries, are making their way to the Iranian market. A high-profit retail market that hosts foreign animals and trades between 200,000 USD to several million USD, Iranian market will continue to grow into the hot market for animal sales:
Each type of animal has a special customer
In the distant past in the courtyard of each house, there was a red fish pond as a symbol of living, but these days, due to the lack of space in the houses, some people keep aquarium in the corners of their houses from small live fish in different colors which were bought from Iranian market.
Each of the animals in the capital has a specific market, we first went to the market for decorative fish on Navab Street over Iranian market, one of the aquarium fish sellers, says: "The price of each fish varies from 5,000 to 2,000 tomans in a decorative form it sells."
"Any person who is interested in decorative fishes from Iranian market to their houses should pay about 2 million tomans in price and come in seasonally as diverse fish as possible," he said.
"There are about 1,000 varieties of decorative fish for marketing in Iran, more than 80 percent of which has been imported to Iranian market, and most of them come from East Asian countries to Iranian market form marketing in Iran which are proper for Iranian costumers; considering fish price in Iranian market, fish category in Iranian market and so on," the vendor adds.
The bird is among the animals that are welcomed by the Iranians for marketing in Iran. The Bird Market in Iran is on the Azadegan Avenue out of Tehran. In this market, various types of bird from all over the country and the world are sold at prices between 50 USD to 2 million USD. The types of canaries, parrots, pigeons, peasants, etc. are kept in semi-cages for marketing in Iran, most of which have been imported to Iran from across the borders, the African and European countries are the most important countries exporting these birds to Iran of which can be said the first place of “bird import to Iran” belongs to Africa.
The pricing of this market is, according to some wholesalers, and there is no specific tariff for selling these birds out of Iranian market, which is why the price of some birds even reaches millions of Tomans. "The price of birds in this market is 10 thousand tomans to 1 million tomans, even some of the birds of several million tomans are traded, and some birds such as hawk, peacock and eagle from Iranian market are being exported to The Persian Gulf countries, because the Arabs tend to keep these wild birds in their homes, which they have bought from Iranian market."
"Every animal has its own customer, the canary is one of the most popular birds among the Iranians over marketing in Iran, this small bird is traded from 10 thousand tomans to 100 thousand tomans, and the parrot is also from 250 thousand to 4 million tomans. And its African breed is more expensive, but legendary birds are more expensive. "
* Shaggy cats
Keeping the cat at home is not the same as the Iranian people should pay attention to, but there are those who care about this animal at home. As it is known, the most expensive and beautiful cats exist in different parts of Iran and most of them are available for marketing in Iran, however, shaggy cats come from other countries, especially the European countries, to the Iranian market. "Reza", a pet seller, tells the correspondent for "Trade" about the cat price: "Cats are traded from one hundred thousand to 3 million tomans, but this animal should be considered by Iranians with lots of home care, which is unfortunately not." He answers the question of our reporter about how much cost a cat is need during a month? "The cost of keeping a cat, including the supply of food, medicine, doctor and washing materials, is normally between 400 and 1 million USD. Some people in Iranian market have underground activities, and collect Iranian cats without fees, and they export them to European countries in order to earn a lot of money."
Iranian cat market or as a matter of ligancy, Persian cat market in Iran have made a lot of people huge amounts of money; however, animal rights are usually an important matter. The Persian can costumers do not want sick cats though, they want healthy and majestic creators which can be shown off.

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