Animal and pet sales over Iranian market

Category: Blog Published: Saturday, 26 January 2019
Animal and pet sales over Iranian market

Selling animals online or in person from a variety of livestock animals, the most popular of which are horses, cattle, camels, goats and sheep, as well as pets, such as parrot birds, canary, sherry, chicken enamel, chicken, cats, reptiles and assistant breeders and cattle breeders.

The guard dog, which is increasing in most of the important areas and in helping humans in unfortunate accidents, as well as their sales and hunt, for example, in dogs and cats with more than 31,000 dogs and 24,000 cats, which are only through one the online marketing, has been conducted in just over a year in the UK. Researchers from the Iranian market from the cat and cat horses and other horse breeding companies from similar businesses in developed countries show us that this online market, worth just $ 14 million annually, which is only through this base.
Many websites also allow people to sell their pets, so this figure is just like the tip of the iceberg. While online commerce is commonplace, regulations are needed to protect animals. Online animal husbandry and horse trade is associated with many animal welfare risks. Relying on the image and description of the vendor of animals, potential buyers may inadvertently support puppy breeding farms or incomplete breeding practices for marketing in Iran. Based on the RSPCA Smart Puppies Buyer's Guide, if a vendor is reluctant to allow you to visit, it's a red flag!
By increasing shipping companies or sending pet out of Iranian market, you can now buy a dog or cat online and deliver it to your home without leaving your home. However, it often means that animals are transmitted at low ages to long paths, and some races are at greater risk of conditions such as heat loss than others. The risks of online pet purchases go beyond animal welfare. David Helliard, a member of the Commissioner for Western Australia for consumer protection, proposes to consider puppies and parents physically before purchasing in order to prevent the victim of scam or ending with a sick animal. Although purchasing a pet online is consistent with the same consumer assurances as "other products," the fact of exchanging or giving back a cat or a flying puppy to a horse that you love is very different.
* Millions of dogs
After the bird, the most popular animal is dog among them all that can be hold as the pet. The animal is bought and sold in many breeds in the Iranian market; most people use dogs to guard the gardens, factories and other centers, sell the price of these animals is between 1,000 USD and 8,000 USD.
One dog dealer says: "The price of guard dogs varies according to their type of guard and race, but the highest price for the dog guard is about 8,000 USD."
She says about domestic dogs in Iranian market: "The price of domestic dogs’ ranges from 300,000 to 150 million tomans for marketing in Iran, most of the customers of these dogs are young women, and less than the other groups are buying dogs."
"In the past, the Iranian market for buying and selling guinea pigs was thriving, but in the past few years, the purchase and sale of ornamental and domestic dogs has become more prominent for marketing in Iran," she said.
Various animals in sales out of Iranian market
Of the other animals that are considered by some to be squirrels, ordinary squirrels do not have a high price, and with a few thousand tomans one can buy a squirrel, but trained squirrels are traded at half a million tomans, some of environment worriers believed to be a local forest park for hunting squirrels and they will be sent from the park to the Iranian animal market, but this animal is exported to Iranian market from other countries."
Of the other animals on the Iranian market to buy and keep some of them at home, we can mention hamsters, the animal is more like a mouse, and it is very attractive to young people due to attractive movements and good learning ability in finding food. Between them, golden hamster is very expensive in Iranian market.
The price of hamster for marketing in Iran varies from 2 thousand tomans to more than 15 thousand tomans. For example, a moblend hamster for 10,500 and short hair for 5,000 tomans will be sold in Iranian market, while the hamsters will cost about three to four thousand tomans and their cage will be between seven and more than 25 thousand tomans.
Turtles have a large price of 5 thousand to 20 thousand tomans, variety of snakes from 50 thousand tomans to 30 million tomans and types of monkeys from 200 thousand to more than 10 million tomans.
Another animal that is kept homemade is a rabbit, the animal is sold at various prices in the Iranian market, but the loop rabbit is sold between 500 thousand tomans to one million toman. Other races are also from 20 thousand tomans to about 200,000 tomans traded in the Iranian market, there are very few supporters of home-grown rabbits for marketing in Iran, but some rabbits are sold around million tomans.
Hundreds of thousands cost of animals’ feeding
Nutrition pets also have a hot market these days, so that the food of some animals in supermarkets is also sold, the food is sold in various packages at different prices, nutrition from 5 thousand tomans to 120 thousand tomans for animals such as dogs and cats are sold in the Iranian market, according to an expert, more than 80% of the food on the Iranian market is imported to Iran from abroad, partly officially and partly smuggled for marketing in Iran. Also, if these pets become sick, the cost of a veterinary visit is between 40 and 70 thousand Tomans.


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