Explore the toy market of Iran

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Explore the toy market of Iran

A large showcase of toys in Iranian market is filled with toys and dolls, some of them are bigger than a man, in a shop that opens, a side full of control cars and motorcycles, often labeled by Spiderman, Superman or Batman on their bodies,

and on the side Other small and big dolls (which are, of course, Barbie and Sindhi are more striking) filled with colorful clothes and avenues for all the shelves. But if anyone wants to buy a toy made in Iranian market, then it's time to spend more on it so that after searching for a lot of all these colorful imported toys that customers can find the toys available for marketing in Iran.
Just when the conditions of most Iranian toy stores are more or less the same, the Prosecutor General of Iranian market, Gurbanguly Dari Najafabadi, in a letter to the first vice president of the Iranian market, warned against the dangers of importing toys in the first place under the four general headings "cultural-social" , "Economic - trade", "environmental - health" and finally "educational and educational" negative consequences of import of this commodity out of toy marketing in Iran.
What is the reason why toy toys have expanded so much in Iranian market? Why do not people appreciate the Iranian kind of it? Or, to the extent that the import of this product could be harmful to a market like Iranian market, it is a controversial issue facing practitioners and industry experts.
Mohammed, the seller of one of the oldest toy shops, is in the center of Tehran, and as one of them speaks of toys and gaming machines for a lady bought on a counter, as if they were buying a variety of musical instruments, they said: "98% of toys are China's toy manufacturing and there is something close to two or three percent of Iranian toys.” Toys on the counter are often left out by the buyer because of their expensive prices.
Mohammad explains that the price range is very wide: "We have toy from five hundred tomans up to two hundred and two hundred and five thousand from each toy item." And he looks at the toy chosen by the buyer's lady and, given its color scheme, is trying to select the right paper.
He says the reason for the presence of these Western cartoon characters on all the belongings of the kids in their interest to these characters: "Usually girls’ dolls are Barbie, the boys also choose the Superman-like cartoon characters, like Spiderman, but the Iranian cartoon character who wants to be listed is not up to now for marketing in Iran. If a character like red hat or something and why was raised, was only for the time when his program was playing, after the program was completed, and eventually after two months, the cartoon character was also forgotten."
One of the most famous Iranian toys can be Dara and Sarah, but how much they were paid attention to were considered by Mohammed with regard to having a long history in the field of toy dealers and their everyday encounters with customers of the product: "Formerly, more foreign dolls came to Iranian market and were much more welcome than Dara and Sarah, many who were looking for Iranian dolls, but nowadays, due to the fact that less dolls are imported to Iranian market, Iranian dolls, especially Dara and Sarah have more fans. "
Mohammed believes that with the inclusion of some items, it is possible to provide more customers for Iranian toys such as Dara and Sarah: "If they pay attention to the quality of Dara and Sarah, their clothes will be more diverse and will not be offered exclusively with a kind of local uniform or in a form They are not just a Dara and Sara, but more than 80 percent of their culture.”
Ali, as one of the designers and doll makers, is the biggest reason for the lack of success of Iranian toys in the consumer market, not having long-term planning in the industry.
"I think the toys are not planned in principle and often are not comprehensive and long-term programs," he says. For example, I'll take this red hat when his movie was finished, and his dolls were forgotten after one or two years. "
Referring to the repetition of the foreign cartoon characters, the most important reason for the success of the cartoons is the fact that dolls are the proper characterization: "Nowadays, foreign dolls are more settled, perhaps in addition to repeating, proper character processing, for example, the personality of Spiderman with the character of our red hat It's not at all comparable, Spiderman's powerful and child's imagination engages in himself, while the red hat is not, and if it succeeds, it will be short-lived. "
While the Iranian authorities do not seem to be happy with the announcement of news agencies announcing the establishment of Iranian market after the United States and Britain as the third largest importer of toys, some of the industry's incumbents, including Mohammad Ali Valihouadi, managing director of Toy Industry's magazine, The statistic has come to some other results: "I was very happy as an Iranian because I'm counting on the statistics that our kids will be more creative in the future." According to Mr. Towhidi, since about 1382, when a standard toy was required under the supervision of the Supreme Council of Toys, proper supervision of the import of this product would apply.
He says: "Toys collector licenses for importing toys, but they do not license for some of the cases that are identified as barriers to importing it, but given the prevalence of underground trade or smuggling (between seven and Ten billion a year is estimated (part of the toys that are not licensed to enter the Iranian market through this, but there is no precise data on the proportion of toy supplies through smuggling. " Despite the opposition of the Iranian authorities, imported toys are a special attraction for Iranian children and adolescents, and their fans are added daily out of doll marketing in Iran.
It seems that success in this sector, such as different areas, requires the realization of a range of factors, perhaps the most important of which is extensive study and research for the presentation and processing of personality appropriate to the mental requirements of children and adolescents, and to respect the cultural requirements of the Iranian community.

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