Meat production line in Iranian market

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Meat production line in Iranian

Meat production line and canned meat production line
Meat products, known as Burgers, play a significant role in providing people with food and nutrition in modern day societies.

Due to the use of other materials in the preparation of meat canned meat, the cost of these products is more suitable for meat itself, and because of the more complete combinations of amino acids, these products have a higher nutritional value than pure protein have.
In the production line of meat products, canning is a cycle in which food is placed in tin cans or glasses and is destroyed under high temperatures, inactive enzymes and germs and ready for them to enter Iranian market.
One of the stages of production in the production line of hot meat products and cooling the material is to create a vacuum that prevents the product from getting into the glass or can. Equipment and machinery the meat production line is different in Iranian market according to the level of automation, capacity, production process, and also the characteristics of the final product and packaging for marketing in Iran.
Summary of production process in meat production line - canned meat production line
1- Classification and washing
2- Preparation of canned food and baking process
3- Filling containers by filling machine
4- Close the doors by tying and labeling them by the label device
5. Sterilization
95% of meat products are supplied from the inside
4,500 tons of meat products were exported into Iranian market this year, saying that 95 percent of the Iranian market's demand for meat products is produced inside the Iranian market.
Majid Aflaki said at noon today at the third meeting of the Meat Products Exhibition (Mitx) that the importance of producing meat products in relation to the changing lives of the people of the world, says that between $ 2 billion and $ 4 billion worth of global halal trade annually, we should be able to contribute more It is worth mentioning that the use of meat products in this area is twofold.
According to the online economy quoted by Fares, the head of the Association of Meat Products of the Iranian market noted production figures in the country and said: "Every year, 500 thousand tons of meat products are produced in 80 types of products in the Iranian market, which 95 percent of the domestic demand is from domestic production and 5% is imported for marketing in Iran.
Exports 4500 tons of meat products in 1995
Toldaki said about the export of such products: Since 1994, the export process has begun to neighboring countries, which in 1995; 4500 tons of meat products were exported to neighboring countries and Eurasia out of Iranian market.
We are going through a stringent process for producing sausages in Iranian market
A journalist has been quoted as saying that chicken, cat and especially cantaloupe are used in meat products, in particular sausages which he rejected with disappointment and said: "For several years, there have been heavy shocks against this industry. While we have to go through the hard way, and now the quality of our products is equal to the same European quality, because the standard organization adheres to stricter standards in this area.
The head of the Association of Meat Products in Iranian market pointed out that the raw material of the animal entering the processing plants should be certified by the veterinary organization from the outset as to which product was imported into the factory, in addition to the increased severity of the last 2-3 years. In addition to the representative of the standard veterinarian and sanitary supervision of raw materials, the fourth person is also added to the factories as a religious observer whose task is to control the constraints of the primary material, and the heavy costs are incurred in these four groups, and it can finally be said that the production of types Meat products in the country underneath Earth four-governmental organizations.
He said: "We do not use cats or we say that we have used dry bread, it's worthless, because the price of the best flour is lower than the cost of collecting bread, and there are technical discussions in the food industry that allow It does not bring about such things.
The root cause of the quality problems of meat products is to keep prices constant in the early 80's
Soltani rooted in all the problems of meat industry in Iranian market, including sausages, from the 1980s, adding that when they tried to keep prices in the inflationary economy constant in two-digit inflation, during a period of 10 years The prices of meat products did not change, while the raw material was constantly rising. This has, of course, affected quality, while investing heavily in the meat industry, especially for job creation and production.
In another part of the meeting, Mahbod, the executive secretary of the exhibition, noted the importance of the entry of Iranian companies into the world markets and said: "The reform of the pattern of consumption of meat and meat products and the introduction of health-oriented products by the veterinary organization is one of the things that we believe will be in the third Exhibition for people and employers in this field.
He also commented on the dominant culture of the ban on sausage, saying that work has been done to ban the advertisement of any sausage in audio and video, and if you want to have a training program titled Exhibitions at a low cost in audio and video, Officially, these are the producers themselves who are unwilling to attend and participate. The third exhibition of Halal Protein Products and related industries will be launched in December with new changes, including the provision of health-based products and the slogan of the target market development.

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