Iranian white meat market situation

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Iranian white meat market situation

Statistics on white meat consumption in the Iranian market
Urban households buy more than 30 trillion tomans of white meat in the Iranian market.

Central Bank surveys show that urban households use about 145 kilograms of white meat, which accounts for the highest consumption of poultry meat. The white meat market is estimated at 30 thousand 127 billion tomans among urban households out of Iranian market. Each Iranian household costs an average of one million and 882 thousand tomans for the purchase of white meat a year. Red meat consumption is estimated at 41 kilograms per city average, which is 89 kilograms for bird meat. A household basket survey shows that every Iranian household pays more than one million tomans to buy white meat in the Iranian market. The cost for poultry white meat consumption was about 603 thousand tomans.
According to the report, consumption of only 12 kg of fish for the Iranian household costs 179 thousand tomans. A survey of the white meat market situation shows that there is a high turnover in Iranian market’s cities in this area. The figure of 30 trillion tomans represents only a fraction of the turnover of the white meat market, as white meat prices have not been reported among rural households in the estimates for white meat marketing in Iran. Although the country's white meat market turnover is more than 15 trillion tomans, this amount is not enough for Iranian market with more than 80 million customers.
Deputy Minister of Animal Production of the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture said the implementation of the national plan to standardize the production and supply of red meat and white meat of broiler chickens in addition to improving the quality and health of chicken meat, by reducing the conversion factor to meat, saves imports of poultry feeds to the Iranian market.
According to the selection of quotes from the Public Relations Department of Animal Production, Dr. Morteza Rezaei, in the first meeting of the Standardization of Age and Weight Appropriate for the Propagation of Broiler Chicken meat, the purpose of the national plan to standardize the production and supply of meat and chicken meat weight and size was to increase the production efficiency, The reduction of waste and chicken, the establishment and development of export markets and the improvement of the health conditions of the production process up to supply. He welcomed the producers of meat poultry from the project positively and stated: the implementation of this plan is in line with the national interest and the economic interests of producers and consumers due to proper white meat marketing in Iran.
The Deputy Minister of Agricultural said that the reform of the breeding age and the standard weight of broiler chickens were inevitable and important for achieving not only Iranian market but also more global markets. "In world trade, chicken meat with a maximum weight of 1,200-1,400 grams is exchanged, while in units the Iranian market’s average production weight is over two kilograms.
Market forecast by 2030
The average per capita global consumption of white meat in FAO was estimated at 41.4 kg per year in 2015, and with the growing trend of consumption, by 2030, the average per capita consumption of white meat in the world would reach around 45.3 kg per year. The World Food Organization (FAO) has announced that at least 100,000 tons of red and white meat in Iranian market will be withdrawn from the consumption cycle annually, which if it goes down, it can take self-sufficiency in meat cycle. According to the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture, the production of white meat in Iranian market is about 950 thousand tons, and the amount of chicken meat production is about 1 million and 750 thousand tons per year, taking into account imports of about 100 thousand tons of meat per year, the total amount of white meat is approximately 2 million and 800 thousand tons.
Dairy Market Statistics
There is 45% of gross national product in livestock farming sector. About 8,800,000 tons of milk were exported annually (about 645,000 tons of dairy products were exported, while the remainder were consumed inside the Iranian market), the average per capita milk production in the world is also between 100 and 110 kilograms. This amount is 110 kilograms, out of which 100 kilograms of domestic and the rest are exported. Of course, the milk per capita forecast is 150 to 160 kg. Per capita milk production is equal to the per capita milk production in the world, but in most other countries milk is consumed more than 500 kilograms even in poor countries. It should be noted that the production of more than 8 million tons of milk in Iranian market, has generated annual turnover of 24 trillion Toman.
Per capita consumption of juices and vegetables in Iranian market
The 10-liter per capita consumption of Iranian juices reflects the need of 800 million liters for marketing in Iranian market out of this product in the country, which, given the average price of 3,000 tomans per liter of juice, generated 240 billion tomans of turnover. The annual turnover of the fresh vegetables market in Tehran is 64.8 billion tomans, and 600 tons of fresh vegetables daily are available in Tehran at prices ranging from at least 300 tomans to more than 800 tomans per kilogram. Accordingly, the minimum turnover of fresh vegetables in Tehran is about 180 million tomans a year and more than 64.8 billion tomans annually. Of the 600 tons, only 30 tons are packaged and unpacked. In the meantime, up to 70 percent of the vegetables are wasted.

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