Book sales in Iranian market

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Book sales in Iranian market

Romance sells; love continues to buy in Iran Book Market. He wants a popular translation of passionate love in a coastal city in the U.K or a lovely romance from a martyr defender of the shrine. The first rank of best sellers of the autumn project in the compilation section belongs to the book,

which describes the quiet romance of the martyr defender of the shrine Hamid Sorkkalali Moradi from his wife's words. Remember it and it is written in simple and fluent decoding by Rassoul Molasani publication has been published to the market.
The first edition of the book was finalized on the day it was published and reached the third issue within a week. The work is now in print, eighteenth, and the story of the young girl and young boy to the husband and wife of the 70s, who vow to fast for three days in order not to be guilty of their wedding ceremony. They are tempted to the Almighty God, they fast for three days. Not long ago, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, while meeting with members of the Assembly of Experts, reminded him of this book and quoted one of the shocking memories of the martyr defender of the holy shrine and his cousin: "The story of the hero's life must be recorded in history, must be seen." Understand it.
The book, which was one of the best-selling, last year, was unpredictable to see its name on the bestseller list of the fall. Cold Coffee Book is the author of a romantic Iranian novel that has a mysterious theme, and has reached the 20th time in nearly a month. The novel is a story by a writer named Arman Roozbeh and a journalist girl. The book starts with a memory from the childhood of Arman. The memoirs are the basis for the next book. The story is that Arman, in childhood, loves a girl who is 15 years old and comes to the neighboring old woman's house to practice the piano. Arman loves going to the piano for the girl, but the old woman who teaches this girl does not know a song anymore, so Arman decides to manipulate musical notes so that the piano lessons will last a long time.
A book by Yoaval Herri, published in English in Hebrew for the first time in 204, and published in English in 204. This book is published by Cheshmeh with the translation of Mohsen Minoukhrd and the publication of Nou with the translation of Nick Greengh in Persian in 1396. Herri referred to the Germs and Steel (1997) as one of his inspirational sources, which showed that he could ask big questions and scientifically answer them. The reactions to this book have been different.
Researchers and academics with similar research backgrounds were not well received and doubtful about the demand period. This is while the general public has found it interesting. Herri manages the history of man from the time of the ancient man's evolution in the Stone Age to the 21st Century. He divides history into four parts: the cognitive revolution, the agricultural revolution, the unity of humans, and the scientific revolution. Herri's main argument is that intelligent humans have dominated the world because they are the only ones that can be high in numbers Flexible cooperation.
The Last Lost Letter "written by JoJo, translated by Katayoun Ismaili from Milkan Publishing, by" Frederick Beckman, "a man named" Oh ", translated by Hossein Tehrani from the publication of Cheshmeh and" An Old Woman Who Breaking All Laws "by Kathryn Ingelman Sumburgh, translated by Kayhan Bahmani The release of Amut was welcomed by novelists, topped the list of best sellers last week. According to researchs, the latest letter to a romantic lover is narrated and focused on romantic letters by two women at two different times, called Jennifer and Ellie, and welcomed by novelists last week.
Also, the girl you released was written by JoJo, translated by Katayoun Ismaili from Milkan Publishing, a story about the life of two women, one of whom, called Sophie, during the occupation of France, and in the absence of her husband, has to protect her family from the Nazis, the autumn of the last season Written by Nizami Marashi from the publication of Cheshmeh, which narrates the slices of the lives of three girls on the eve of the 30's, and three girls whose lives have been tied up since their university days, and still affect their lives while their paths are completely apart.
Books by Lena Andersson, translated by Saeed Moghaddam, from the publication of the center of the publication of a devastating love that kills all the soul and identity of a woman, and like rubbish, loses her confidence, a little prince by Antoine Dusent Exopri The translation of Ahmad Shamloo, about the author's view of love, and love and being, was considered by readers.
The best possible version of Mostafa Mastour's publication of Cheshmeh is a collection of 6 stories, each of these stories in one of the cities of Shiraz, Tehran, Bandar Anzali and so on.
The love nation of Oliv Shafak, translated by Arsalan Fusayhi from the publication of Phoenix, which is a parallel narrative of the life of an American family and the life of Shams Tabrizi, and I wrote before you by JoJo Moyes, with the translation of Maryam Mafathi from Amot Publishing about a young nurse named Lucia Clark Following is a love affair to get his life's most important decision over the paths of other best-selling books last weekend.

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