iPhone and Iranian market

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iPhone and Iranian market

The Iranian market is one of the best places to sell electronic products in the world, which has always attracted new brands. One of the most strategic and products on the market is Apple's products. According to the Organization for the Suppression of Smuggling of Goods and Currency,

from August 1st, we will not see any iPhone phones from shop windows. But while the price of the other products of this American company, such as MacBook, AIMAC, Apple Watch and iPad, remains unclear due to lack of official representation.
Apple's situation in Iran after lifting sanctions
The news of the abolition of sanctions and the start of the post-sanctions era is one of the best political and economic news. Iran, with a population of about 85 million, which is the 16th largest country in the world, is always a good market for interacting with major economic cartels. During the boycott, technology has always been used through smuggling or with many intermediaries, of course unfamiliar with technology, and those who only considered their profits and introduced non-quality, so-called "goods". These products cost a lot to Iranian families due to lack of reliable warranty and after-sales service system. The black market is now on the market for mobile software and laptop software. Now, with the onset of the new era, we are waiting for new news about the arrival of technology to Iran. One of these technologies is at the hands of Apple's prestigious company.
The US Treasury Department has been authorized to operate in the Iranian market after the lifting of sanctions for US subsidiaries. Apple has never been formally or even partly present on the Iranian market, but it always sees Iran as a very talented market and with a relatively young population interested in technology and with a high degree of understanding of the brand, Apple is looking to use this golden opportunity.
According to the Wall Street Journal, a Swiss-based company has begun to try to enter the Iranian market last month, and Apple plans to open its official stores in Iran.
In 2016, news of Apple's efforts to work closely with Iranian distributors was released, but no official announcement has ever been made. Now, with the creation of a business space in Iran after the boycott, it should wait and see how the situation will continue.
A few questions related to Apple in Iranian market:
Are not there a list of unproductive shops and companies that represent Apple representative in Iran?
Is it not supposed to sell this product, which is sold worldwide in all parts of the world, in law?
Is it not supposed to call a word called ‘Jailbreak’ illegal?
Is not it supposed to subtract a responsible one from a specific place in the sale of Apple products in Iran?
Are not we supposed to make people out of the uncertainty and confusion and brand of this brand?
Is not it supposed to bring this brand to only one representative or importer in Iran in order to get rid of all the gills from the bloated apple?
Internal troubles
All of this, let's talk about the internal uses of these products. As you know, Apple does not let us use its services. If you want to buy something from an Apple store, Apple will not accept your money. In this stuck, I really do not know that those people who are loyal to the company and buy their products, which justification is for the fact that Apple does not accept our money at all? Even updating free apps is not possible for us. If you want to get something from the App Store (whether it's free or paid), you should have a generalized technique that Apple does not understand your IP is from Iran. When it's easy to buy non-iOS phones, and these phones update everything every day. Why should you buy all this trouble for yourself? There were many who did not know Steve Jobs, and there were many who knew who he was. But within a day, all of these two groups became Steve Jobs fans. Apple's and other AIT's lovers were upset and talked to Steve wherever you went. On social sites, they changed all their photos to Steve Jobs, and they all became Steve Jobs, they spoke short and creative sentences about him.
First, sites and blogs, then newspapers and magazines published this news. Steve Jobs, meanwhile, his photos came to the shops and glass of cars and t-shirts of the young people. Everywhere people spoke about him and everyone talks about the impact he has put on our world. Even those who did not even know what the Apple operating system is and what the difference is between Windows and it. The pursuit was so great that one of the messages of those days was: The Steve Jobs family thanked for sympathy after their father.
Astronomical Prices
Earlier interim sanctions restrict the access level of Iranian iPhone devices, but this time, Iranian users completely dumped the App Store and cut off the traffic flow completely. There are whispers that this access ban is permanent. Apple does not have official sales in Iran, and intermediaries enter the country via iPhone through other countries. Last month, Tom Ridge, the US Secretary of Homeland Security, has been accusing Iran's intelligence service of monitoring the activities of users through the App Store and Google Play, using cyber-attacks against American malware users.

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