Disadvantages of online Farsi translation systems

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Lots of people use online Persian translation systems for understanding, sharing and even writing their texts, essays and their marketing tip lines because of some shallow reasons. One of them is economic reasons. As it is obvious online Farsi translation systems are usually free or they cost little in number, however we are going to claim that not only online translation systems are free but also they cost you lots of money, time, credit and more importantly your repetition.

     Here is a question in business and marketing in Iran: if professionals translate the advertisements, text or such; it will cost lots of money. In order to answer this issue, consider that; what would happen if your translation by using machine translation become vague, your advertisement, and your brand in marketing in Iran’s market would be damaged. Moreover natives won’t be able to understand your point, they get tired and you lose your customers. Isn't it a bigger problem rather than take some advice from experts in Iran?

     Accuracy won’t be considered by the online Farsi translation systems or machine translation.
One gives some inputs to these machines such as draft, documents and sentences on the one hand and he expects a fluent translation on the other hand. Please notice that comprehending informations, being correlated and coherence are off of the table by using online translation systems or machine translation. Those just focus on word to word translation to Persian, which it may result in taking advice from a localization company in Iran in order to correct manually after all
     Following systematic and formal rules is not designed for online translation systems or machines translation; as a result, it won’t be able to concentrate on a context, correct ambiguity and most importantly it cannot use mental outlook or experience to create a great and perfect output, which natives in Iran could be caught in attention.

     Machine translation or online translation systems cannot be trusted especially when we need superior exact translation of official agreements, documents and such. The last but not least reason is that these translation systems will not be able to distinguish between that kind of word which needs to be translated or that kind of word which is necessary to be kept as they are such as; name of company, people, corporation, materials towns, etc.

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