Human being is familiar with the concept of sale from their first years of their lives

Human being is familiar with the concept of sale from their first years of their lives. All of us are salesman from different perspectives; for example: some people sell thoughts, knowledge, ideas and others sell products or services.

From the basic view, people resist changing and buying is known as a change in major and minor levels. Nowadays positive relationship between salesman and the process of sale, power of influence to customers’ thoughts and gain customers’ trust are the fundamental and main standards of marketing. The relationship between customer and marketer has to be like the relationship between doctor and patient because customers need to understand that your services or products are going to help them and make their life easier.

It doesn’t matter that where you are from, what your culture is or how your life style is; it only matters that you need to look at problems, issues and needs from your customer’s view in order to have influence on them.

Iran is a big country with different life styles, different economical area and people. Iran marketing has to be specified by localizing. Localization for Iran market requires lots of information about Iranian needs, perspective, requirements, favorites, obligations, daily activities and more important culture. Culture is really important in this case because knowing Iran’s market won’t help marketers to make benefit, it may help them to sale more or less but making benefit comes from a continues service.

We as Iran localize team not only try to be in touch with you and Iran market all the time but also we try to update information about all of Iran’s market; either in capital or other cities. You may have something to sale which has not lots of payers in capital but it can make benefit for you in other parts of Iran’s enormous market.       


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