International marketing and marketing in Iran

This article defines the scope and scope of international marketing work. there are generalizations about the motivation of the presence of companies in global markets and the scope of marketing activities, which include two parts of controllable factors and uncontrollable factors. Subsequently, a variety of international marketing strategies and success stories and skills required international marketing managers. The main point of this article is about Iran’s market and marketing in Iran.

Definition of International Marketing

In general, international marketing refers to activities that are performed to meet consumer needs. Of course, there are several definitions of marketing that some of them are referred:

  • Identify needs, ability to meet them, create and maintain utility for the consumer and profit for the manufacturer.
  • Adopt an integrated strategy to meet customer requirements
  • Human activities to meet needs and desires through inclusive exchanges
  • Systemic efforts to understand Iran’s market system and appropriate action to meet a variety of demands in relation to the value system of the community which is Iran’s market.

Generally speaking, international marketing is the commercial activity of bringing Iran's goods and services to customers in Iran for the purpose of obtaining international marketing profits, including the production and sale of goods and services in more than one state, without Goods crossed the borders of the mainland. For example, the Ford’s company, whose main location is in the United States, exports the car produced in Germany to other countries. For this reason, international marketing is sometimes referred to as multinational marketing.

It is necessary to explain that the concept, stages and principles of marketing are standard aspects and can be applied to markets and countries. As a matter of fact Iran has perfect potential to do so. Therefore, the distinction between international marketers and domestic marketing is the field of their activity. That is, international marketing of commerce in a foreign country such as Iran and, perhaps, the generalization of that trade mode to more than just the capital of Iran.

This difference in the field of activity causes the complexity and variety of affairs, avoids the acquisition of special knowledge and skills in the name of international marketing. Among other issues to be addressed in marketing, awareness of the issues of Iran and Iran’s market is to develop a proper and appropriate strategy to have specific actions to engage in marketing whose environment is unstable and uncertain for foreigners.

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