Distribution Channels

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Distribution Channels

One of the most important challenges for marketing managers and producers is the transfer of their own goods to Iran’s markets. Accordingly, the decision on the method of transferring goods to the place of purchase which in this case is Iranian market or consumption is one of the important and delicate decisions that the marketing managers from all around the world would face.

The importance of the decisions making on distribution channels is due to the fact that the company has to be for a long time Commit to these decisions. It takes several years for a distribution system to be properly deployed and not easily alterable. There could be lots of issues that Iran localize team would manage the satiation. Deciding whether to select a distribution channel is one of the most important decisions that are directed to managers and investors. The physical distribution of the goods in Iran’s market has a direct impact on other marketing decisions also it has huge impacts on the pricing and advertising policies of the distribution system. The sales channels are entirely dependent; however, it needs to be delicate and exclusive for Iran’s market. Choosing the appropriate distribution channel will lead to an advantage for the manufacturers. One of the benefits is that coming with the right choice of distribution channel what is the ability to create competitive advantage, create customer satisfaction, and, consequently, customer’s loyalty to products and services, ultimately profitability. Iranian market has lots of potentiality which it needs to be arranged in the reasonable road map. According to Iran’s market’s characteristics, product characteristics, customers, company and market are one of the most important factors affecting channel selection.
In order to come to beneficial conclusion, Iran localize team would be the guarantor for your business by creating the best road map, using expertise. Our consulters will provide all data and needs to do so.

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