Exhibition and its types

Exhibition and its types

Exhibitions have different types; one of the most important exhibitions is international exhibitions and commerce that is held every year in Tehran for Iran’s market.

The purpose of these exhibitions in advanced industrialized countries is to create a centralized market for all foreign buyers (commercial exploitation), but in Iran market, due to the lack of facilities and the absence of foreign visitors, this fair has become a true import market and an outstanding opportunity. Some exhibitions are held as exclusive exhibitions, usually with a country of their own identity in another country which in this case is Iran and Iran’s market. To succeed at such exhibitions, there is a need for a high advertising cost. Unfortunately, Iranian companies do not have such costs. By not giving other types of exhibitions you can refer to specialized exhibitions. There is not much international competition in this type of trade, but there is a commercial connection in Iran. National exhibitions are considered to be as other types of exhibitions that will be held for exhibitions and indigenous capacities of the Iranian market. It shows the country's manufacturing and a service capability in the Iran’s market in order to invites foreigners to visit. There is also Expo events with more exposure. (3 to 4 months), in addition to business aspects, beliefs, cultural, social, and educational aspects, along with business issues, are based on information from the capabilities available in a country. In all exhibitions, both international and specialized, the point of contact between buyers and sellers, applicants and suppliers of goods and in economic terms is a point of supply and demand that is formed to view samples of products coming to exchange information between individuals.

The divisions of exhibitions from the point of view are geographical location, Internal, external, international; also goods such as, consumer goods, household goods, mines, artistic, crops. In time and duration of formation we can point out, temporary and Permanente. Varieties of goods are; general and private.

Targets can be vary like; profit or commercial, non-profit or non-commercial and also productive. In all of these categorizes Iran localize team by using best experts will try its best for you.  

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