Marketing in Iranian market

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Marketing in Iranian market

Marketing theorists have different definitions of the concept of customer satisfaction. Kotler defines customer satisfaction as the rate in which the company's actual performance meets customer expectations. According to Kotler, if the company's performance meets customer expectations, the customer feels satisfied and otherwise feels dissatisfied.

Marketing in Iran is an important managerial task. Successful marketing in Iran needs to focus on achieving the goals of the Iranian customers in Iran’s market along with achieving the goals of your organization. Marketing in Iran is beneficed by understanding Iranian markets’ needs, developing products and services to meet these needs, pricing products and services efficiently, informing customers about the availability of these products and services, delivering efficiency and ensuring satisfaction during and after the exchanging process. Therefore marketing in Iran should be an essential component of the exporter companies. However, many companies have a poor interpretation of marketing in Iran; there is always a solution in order to solve Iranian markets’ marketing problems. Due to do so Iran localizes team is a decent organization. Some people think of marketing as cheating, scammer, disturbing, and unprofessional. Some also consider it as advertising and sales. But in recent years, marketing has shifted from its old image what now increasingly becoming one of the most important tasks in achieving organizational profitability goals. Traditionally, two important tasks are the production and sale of each business. The next tendency was which entrepreneurs believed that the quality of products or services was the only factor that determines their sales. But that did not take too long because it is not true in today's competitive market, especially in Iran’s market. Production, sales and marketing should work together to produce the best results. Marketing is a responsive process to identify, predict and meet the profitable needs of customers. In this way, your organization will be able to place its products or services in Iranian market with the needs of Iranian customers, not only to produce something temporary but also to expect Iranian customers to arrive with loyalty, which can lead to great goods for both Iranian market and your organization.

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