Universities and industries’ role in Iranian market

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Universities and industries’ role in Iranian market

Universities and industries are the most important and influential institutions in Iranian market. Political and cultural development, technological and economic progress of Iran’s market is strongly affected by foreign industries those have educational background.

The importance of the relationship between science and technology, the integration of science and industry, emergence of science-based industries and the use of science as ways to create competitive advantages in Iranian market is the most important advantage that a foreign company can have.  Globalization of the economy and the internationalization of technology and its effects on Iran’s market, are some of the reasons that why it Justifies the joint communication between companies and research organizations. Developing the relationship between industry and the university has long been considered by strategists, policy-makers and academic-industry planners due to its very positive effects on technological, economic and social developments. It has been widely used to create an effective link between industry and the university. By linking your organization among Iran’s market, universities and politician systems; Iran localizes team would be able to manage your situation to be suitable for Iran’s markets.
The 21st century is an international economic competition based on knowledge. Competition in today's technology-driven marketplace requires the integration of modern science with industries. An industry without knowledge of the day is condemned to degradation also knowledge without application in the industry and its commonness with Iranian market cannot be neglected. It means that the link between the university and the industry has to be to the point. There are lots of theories, models and existing models of the relationship between university, industry, government and other influential institutions in the knowledge economy. Iran localizes team is your best way to achieve your goals because of our data and relationship among Iran’s market, Iran’s universities and government.
Undoubtedly, in the current jump-free world, national and economic development requires effective human resources. Effective human resources are provided with appropriate training by Iran localizes team. The note now is our training can open up the knot of underdevelopment problems. Certainly, education is appropriate to give practical knowledge to the workforce, and this is not possible without the combination of science (academic assemblies) and practice (industry). If the industry can be likened to oxygen in the blood of the body of a human body and the university, the heart of this person will certainly be relevant to the academic and industrial colleges.

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