Supply chain management

Category: Blog Published: Wednesday, 17 January 2018
Supply chain management

Over the past few years, the emergence of new technologies and massive developments in global markets has made supply chain management more urgent. Today, companies need to have integrity in all production processes from raw materials to final consumption.

Supply chain management is not simply a matter of managing technical issues, but it is also necessary to consider the human dimension of supply chain management along with technical issues. On the one hand, studies showed that the existence of high-level social capital will lead to the success of organizations in Iranian market. When you are planning to start a business in Iranian market it is necessary to pursue the best road map for your goods. Iran localizes team will help you to achieve your goals in Iran’s market.  Impact of social capital components on supply chain integration in a delicate move needs to be extremely to the point; adopting this target is one of Iran localizes services for you in Iran’s market. To achieve this goal, the relationship between the dimensions of social capital in Iranian market and supply chain integration has been studied using a conceptual model and its requirements in Iran’s market. The three components of cognitive, relational and structural social capital affect heavily in Iranian market by adjusting supply chain integration. Having a special integration in Iranian market which is suitable for Iranian market is easily possible by Iran localizes team.
 Today, the collaboration between different companies in the supply chain is critical to the success of that chain, the rapid introduction of new products to Iranian market has raised companies’ goods. Life cycle of existing products, and the turmoil in market demand, the day-to-day forecasting is a problem without exclusive data. In order to respond to such changes and other changes, to maintain and upgrade competitive edge, it is necessary to pay more attention to the corporate situation. In today's competitive world, other past production management practices that there have been less integrated in a processes, it has lost its effectiveness. On the contrary by using Iran localizes experts all your problems in Iranian market would be solved.

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