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The importance of website Localization for marketing in Iran

Iran is a big country in Middle East with a population of around 80 million people. Around 60 million Iranians have access to the internet and more than 20 million smartphones are being used in the country. Most businesses have their own websites and try to improve their brand image in the internet. Iranian people, search in the internet, using social media and often purchase goods from online retailers. Internet is a good platform for advertising brands and services. Selling high quality commodities through internet helps the businesses to grow and become more competitive.


When your company does business in Iran, you probably need a Persian language website. Language localization helps to improve your online business and your potential customers will have a better understanding of the products. This article will help you to get a better perception of online marketing in Iran.
If you want export any goods to Iran, you need a localized website to introduce your products and you need to have Persian language content writers for your website. Many companies in Iran, now sell their products through internet.
Even in Persian markets if you sell your goods or services using online channels, the very nature of that gives you access to international markets. Marketing in Iran works like this and it is inevitable.
You need know more about "Localization for Iran" to improve your way of Marketing in Iran
Contrary to the past, optimizing your website and content for different search engines no longer depend on keywords. You need to use the right keywords for the best content for the targeted local audience and create an engaging message that keeps website visitors interested.
In Persian content for online marketing, Localization Involves:
•    Adapting content to international or regional audiences that are living in middle east and most of them are Muslims with their own beliefs.
•    Adapting any type of images, colors, and icons, where necessary for Iranian culture.
•    Farsi content must generate in accordance with local law
•    In any case, in Persian words, there are a lot of Arabic symbols, scripts and other issues like this.
•    In order to localize for Iran’s market you must pay more attention to women and young people in most markets.
•    You must keep in mind that there are many local dialects in Iran.
One of the major issues for Iranian business is to expand their scope to international markets, especially to Persian speaking nations. After all, if you show up in a country that speaks a foreign language; it doesn’t matter how great and fantastic your products are, you won’t be able to convince customers to buy them if you can’t explain what they do and how they work.