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Cosmetic products and Iranian market
Cosmetic products and Iranian market

Cosmetic products and Iranian market

Iranian market has enormous capacity to make goods out of it through cosmetic products. In this article we will mention some of the most important issues and delicate significance which may affect marketing process in Iranian market, interacting with Iranian customers and of course making profit in a Win-Win way in Iranian market by marketing cosmetic products in Iran.

Are you looking for a particular marketing strategy for your cosmetic products in Iranian market?
You need to collect the data you need to master the marketing techniques in Iran. Generally, cosmetics companies plague the cosmetic stores in Iranian market to share their products and sell them with an acceptable speed. You need to know that the key to your success in Iranian market is to maintain good relationships with others in Iranian market. Good and appropriate communication can help promote your business in Iranian market; for example, from bloggers, beauty consultants; friends and family (of course you need to know the connections and the way which these take place in Iranian market). These people will help you to attract your potential customers to hold exhibitions during marketing in Iran. People who are struggling to succeed on a large scale can be like a mentor along this path of marketing in Iran. The most important factor in buying cosmetics and beauty products by people considering Iranian costumers is the beauty of their face and body. Iranian costumers have a lot of options to buy cosmetics, Iranian costumers pay a highly attention to the smell of the cosmetic product they see in Iranian market and they seek to buy them such as soap, Iranian costumers like special smells to use it on their faces and body.
Presenting cosmetics as an advertisement is commonly useful in Iranian market, for example it is very important to give cosmetic gifts to your children's coach or teacher in Iranian market. If you have a high quality product, other Iranian costumers will come back to you to buy the products you gave them, in this case it is essential to know the connections and know the appropriate way to give cosmetic gifts to Iranian costumers in Iranian market. Also, you may introduce your products to other Iranian costumers, for example, perfume as a gift with a good smell can cause the aroma to spread. Ask your customer: What aroma are you looking for? Then explain the popularity of the perfume to the customer. Some people are interested in buying from you online. Do not try to fool the customer by placing the counterfeit products instead of the original product. In this scenario Iran localize team is ready to do its best in order to introduce these ways to you and also Iran localize team will accept your advertisement in Iranian market.
Use small tester along products and ship multiple items along them with your customer's purchases in Iranian market. The Iranian customer may decide to purchase by testing the products. Also, the chance of selling other products in Iranian market will increase. Put your goods in a beautiful fashion on store shelves in a way that people are stimulated to buy them from the stores, for example, put a nail polish in front of young girls' eyes. Herbal beauty products always have more fans than other products in Iranian market, such as sunscreens, facial creams, shampoos, hair dye and etc. Label of any box and its catalog increase your product's credibility in Iranian market and also people buy it with much more confidently. Do not sell your customer's low quality products in Iranian market.
You need advertising to start your own business or to market cosmetic products in Iranian market. The best ads in Iranian market can be video ads because they display all the details of your product. If your company produces cosmetic products, you can use women's and men's beauty salons to expand their sales. Quality products will attract the customer and stimulate your purchase.
Benchmark sampling is one of the most popular marketing manager tools for successful marketing models in Iranian market, but sometimes they forget that the implementation of marketing plans requires localization for Iranian market.
As you know, entering the cosmetics field has a lot of risks due to the very close relationship with health and especially beauty. On the other hand, the market for cosmetics in the presence of foreign brands and nearly 90% of smuggling and the presence of almost 50% of counterfeit goods and also Chinese low quality cosmetic products In Iranian market are highly competitive and categorized as an unstable market.
Where is your location in Iranian market? Find your market first. Getting the job done by finding out empty markets for a quick market share is the first step. This vacancy market can include a specific geographic area or a market of customers with a specific age or a small market of Iranian costumers with different lifestyles.
Market development in Iranian market
After the marketing stage, the market-making stage is significant. Your product will actually enter in the Iranian market and rejoice at your desired market position. The position of your product is not only on the shelves of pharmacies and cosmetics shops, but you create the position of your product in the mind of the Iranian customer.
Now it's time to pocket. Welcome to the Iranian market
Grab the Iranian market for your makeup product and get ready to compete, and be strong and well-thought-out in the advertising arena, so that you're more interested in buying your products with more impact on the mindset of the Iranian customer.