Electronics industry in Iranian market

Electronics industry in Iranian market

The electronic industry has unique features and is one of the most important industries in the world and in Iranian market. The most important features of the electronics industry are the following lines:
• Extremely high levels of gross global production and global trade
• Low energy consumption and low emissions production

• High added value compared to other industries
• Value-added growth
• Integrity and application in a wide range of industries
• Having highly defensive and powerful applications for countries

Study of the status of electronics industry in Iranian market and the world
According to the International Trade Center database in 2012, electronic industries’ value was close to $ 1.4 trillion of the global trade volume of the electronic industry. This is equivalent to 7.7 percent of global trade, which accounts for the third-largest global trade.
Electronic industry is one of the industries whose energy consumption is very low and produces very little pollution. According to data from the Toxicology List in the United States (TRI), the electronic industry is one of the cleanest industries in the country.
In terms of value added, these industries also have the highest ranking among the various industries. According to data released by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, in 2009, radio, television and communications industries had the highest added value among all the various industries. Also, the only industry with a positive growth rate was the same group, while other industries have experienced a decrease in their value added.
Electronics industry in Iranian market
The electronics industry is one of the basic industries and infrastructures, and so is the general industry in Iranian market. Nowadays, innovations are being made in many industries by e-mail in Iranian market. For example, today in global production of cars, about 30% of the total value of the car comes from its electronic equipment due to Iranian market and Iranian costumers. In general, the fields of application of electronic industries can be classified in the following 11 categories:
Microelectronics (includes three areas of design, construction and software);
• Electronic in the computer designed for Iranian market;
• Electronics in telecommunication and network designed for Iranian market;
• Consumer electronics for Iranian market (electronics in home appliances and audio and video ...);
• Electronic in cars practiced for Iranian market (electronic cars, hybrids and electric);
• Electronics in the industry and automation of Iranian market (electronic parts of industrial machinery);
• Electronic in medical equipment building on needs of Iranian market;
• Electronic in practical energies in Iran and Iranian market (solar panels, wind power control systems, etc.);
• Electronic for military and spatial uses;
• Electronic in measuring and testing instruments of Iranian market;
• Electronic components designed for Iranian market (resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc.).
Also, the extensive defensive applications of this industry and its strategy for the security of nations of Iranian costumers have given this industry an additional weight. In such a way, without national security, security of nations will be very vulnerable. The set of these factors indicates that this industry has a very high status in today's world and Iranian market and also plays an important role in the industrial, economic and security development of all countries especially in Iran and Iranian market.
In addition to the above sentences, some of Iranian market’s special features have added to the double importance of this industry. These features include:
• Low capital needed to create employment
• Relatively significant domestic market in Iranian market
• The presence of significant human resources in Iran and Iranian market

Features of Electronics Industry in Iran
The ratio of capital to employment in the electrical and electronic industries in Iranian market in 2011 is estimated at 38 million Tomans per each job. While in other industries such as cement this figure is 500 million Tomans in Iranian market, in petrochemical industry, this figure is equal to 410 million USD and in the iron and steel industry is 290 million USD rate in Iranian market. Therefore, by investing in this industry, it can create more employment in comparison with other industries in Iranian market, while at the same time aim is creating more value and developing Iranian markets technology.
The market volume of this industry in Iranian market is significant. The total volume of the electrical and electronic equipment market is estimated at nearly $ 15 billion, of which about half of it is related to the electronic industry in Iranian market. This will be much higher if unlocked markets such as car electronics are added.
On the other hand, a very high volume of graduates in the field of electrical and computer engineering, which has the potential for employment in the electronic industry, has provided an unwanted capacity for the development of this industry in Iranian market. In 2010, at the associate's degree, 54.7%, in the master's degree, 42%, in the master's degree, 28.7%, and in the 26.1% of the total number of undergraduate students in engineering and engineering in electrical and Computer have been practiced this significant for Iranian market.

World Trade Volume
More than 70% of the $ 2.338 billion global electronic and electronic equipment trade in 2012 has been ranked in the 10 product groups, including "Integrated Circuits" and "Telecommunication Equipment" alone accounted for nearly 40% of global trade in 2012. The importance of Electronic projects is clear for Iranian costumers and Iranian market.
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