How do we assess the status of English in schools in Iran?

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How do we assess the status of English in schools in Iran?

The status of teaching English in schools is very clear. This means that when students in secondary education start learning English, the efficiency of this class at the end of the school year is not desirable at all. So that students cannot afford a simple conversation. Even those who participate in the English language exam will only learn the grammar and methods of testing without realizing the true nature and practical use of it.

In general, English language instruction in Iran is very weak compared to other countries as the EF has reported it Iranian English proficiency is very low which make Iranian market and Iranian costumers the 65th country among 85 countries, even neighboring countries, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the case of European countries, the debate is completely different, and children in the very first years use English as an international language, and they are fluent in using English. Without prejudice, other countries such as Germany, France, Sweden, or Denmark have understood that English is an international language and its learning has great benefits in terms of the development of communication, which is the main reason for successful language proficiency in those countries and it’s frailer in Iranian market, Iranian costumers and for all be mentioned Iranians.
Has the development of institutions contributed to language proficiency in Iran?
 Currently, Iranian education burden is somewhat on the hands of schools. While there are some institutions that hold credibility and behave in a rigorous way, unlike many others who are not very successful, it seems that the pressure of education has come at the expense of the family. The personal schools are relatively successful because they are more likely to be more open-minded in choosing their books and methods of teaching and status, and they do not have the bias in the education system to choose their professors, and they can easily use free and professed lecturers, while Self-management of schools is also a well-established phenomenon. However, despite the investment, and like any other investor, there is a tendency to make more profit and upgrade work, and this is happening, while unfortunately, the amount of their tuition received to determine Education, and this sometimes leads to the number of people present in total. In spite of the incentive to advance the existence of costs and the determination of tuition fees by education, impedes the rapid growth and standardization of the number. All the efforts which have been pursued are to make Iranians in Iranian market, Iranian business and Iranian life style much more comfortable with English as a foreign language. Unfortunately we might say not only Iranian have low proficiency in English but also because of some cultural issues lots of them would avoid making themselves open-minded.
How do we evaluate the training books in Iranian market?
There are many educational books in Iranian market that are compiled by some reputable institutions of the world, institutions that specialize in language teaching. These books are often designed in different periods for different ages and levels which all of them are easily accessible in Iranian market. This is despite of the fact that in reputable institutions, even the geographic and cultural location of individuals in different countries is also considered and special books designed for the target country. Of course, it's difficult to choose one out of these books for different institutions in Iranian market, and it should be with the help of specialists and with the examination, which they unfortunately do not have these types of specialist in schools to make decisions over Iranian market. Of course, in Tehran these vary book are easy to be found in Iranian market while other cities do not have such a topic in general, and often choose books to imitate major schools with the books in their market. On the other hand, various publications are involved in this process, and since these books are offset in Iranian market the books are not original, even in accordance with the criteria of the Ministry of Guidance, there are some changes in the book. There are other books written by Iranian authors that are tailored to the need for that particular book and are more for personal and local use. Some other books are a collection of different books that their own institutions compile, which is affiliated with their own specialists. In general, the selection of the book is a specialized process and should be reviewed by specialists. This is despite of the fact that books in Iranian market are much richer than language books, even in England and Europe itself. If you visit a book stores in Germany you won’t find the same book as a small bookstore in Iranian market, due to the lack of copyrights and offsets of books in Iranian market.
As a matter of fact the importance of whole process of English proficiency, English teaching and English use in Iran and Iranian market has been neglected. As a result Iranian costumers have very low proficiency in English and in order to make goods out of Iranian market, localizing ads, branding and all the process of selling has to be designed carefully. However Iranian market is the 65th market in the world out of 85 countries, Iran localize team has the best specialists in this regard whom are enthusiastic to help your business in Iranian market.

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