Management marketing in Iranian market

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Management marketing in Iranian  market

Management in general is confronted with many variables in Iran’s market. These variables include mass communication devices, advertising messages, pricing, distribution methods, and so on. Marketing factors in Iran include: commodity, extension, location and price, which all of these factors determine the marketing policy of your organization. The solution of the marketing road map is related to product, price, distribution and promotion, which has to be described in the product section of the following questions:

1.    Which features and benefits of the product are more important for Iranian market?
2.    Which of the various product designs is close enough to be more successful in Iran’s market?
3.    How should the product be differentiated from rivals based on Iran’s market and Iranian costumers?
4.    What parts of the market should be attracted more?
5.    What is the importance of services and guarantees?
6.    What is the importance of packaging based on Iranian tastes?
7.    What kind of packaging should we use for the product?
8.    What is the temptation of people to the goods compared to competitors' products?
Now let’s expand one the importance of marketing in Iran.
The location-based approach to spatial intelligence is in fact the capacity to organize and comprehend comprehension through the use of intrinsic spatial relationships in all information about Iran’s market, as a matter of fact by combining spatial information and other business information, it is possible to achieve results such as better targeting and optimization, and it Simplifies the important and practical processes and improves performance. The spatial intelligence in Iranian market includes:
Note that when we are talking about spatial we mean (the spatial distribution of population).
1.    Planning based on spatial location in Iranian market
2.    Sharing investment based on spatial location of Iran’s market
3.    Customer analysis and sales based on spatial location and Iranian’s needs.
4.    Sales based on spatial position in Iran’s market
5.    Service management based on spatial location of Iranian market.
Spatial planning, organizing distribution points, distributing for convenience and finally convenience of consumers are the services which Iran localizes team attempt do provide in its best way by the higher precision to design your road map.

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