Modern packaging in Iranian market

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Modern packaging in Iranian market

The use of glass for packaging after the Second World War in global market and Iranian market has always been on the rise. Because of the rapid and continuous production methods and the automation of bottling and filling them, manufacturers have been able to meet demand and keep prices low. As a result, researchers have found ways to improve the mechanical and chemical resistance of glass markets such as Iranian market.

In general, it is an ideal organic glass for packaging markets or a combination of its performance, health and beauty not only in global market but also in Iranian market too. As a bright example, it can be admitted that in many advanced markets, the major food producers (especially children's food) have used glass containers in their own way which is popular in Iranian market. With all of this, though, the glass is a good material for packing some materials; it is the best packaging material for some particular products and it is popular in western markets and Iranian market too.
A) LDPE low density polyethylene
B) HDPE high density polyethylene
Although these two polymers have the same chemical formula, the set of its characteristics is completely different from the point of view.
LDPE: Usually used as thin film. Two important features that cause its wider application, especially in the food packaging industry out of Iranian market, are:
1) Neutrality means no reaction to the product
2) Its thermal seam ability
For this reason, it is necessary to use the maximum multilayer packaging as the inner layer and in direct contact with the product of a thin film of LDPE. This film is transparent and penetrating to light. Therefore, in case of need, it is used with aluminum foil which is common in Iranian market. Specific use of LDPE in Tetra Pack for sterilized milk and juice, Pyroperic for packaging pasteurized milk and yogurt, triple pack for bag packing, three layers for pasteurized milk and five layers for sterilized milk is applied in Iranian market.
 HDPE: This is a hard polymeric substance that is used for its strength and its superior inhibitory properties and its lack of transparency out of Iranian market. A typical example of the use of HDPE is the variety of milk bottles in Iranian market that are added to enhance the light-suppressing effect of white light (Tinanium dioxide).
(A) Simple P.PP Plan, which is used to produce all types of plastic bottles in Iranian market. To produce bottles, in some cases this P.P is also used out of not only Iranian market but also global market.
B. Linear Biorient PP: This material is placed in two directions perpendicularly during the production process under tensile force, resulting in a thin, transparent film with a more suitable inhibitory effect for Iranian market. For packaging of different types of chips, puffs, Macaroni, peanuts and Snack Foods in general out of Iranian market.
C) Pearlized Borient P.P: This film is a flexible thin film that is a good alternative to white sycamore out of Iranian market. For paper in wafers, chocolate, soup powder is used to some extent cover the fat spot, and from this point of view there is more use in such products in Iranian market.
PET or Poly ethylene terephthalate:
In the packaging of soft drinks and liquid oil in Iranian market, it is used in the form of a bottle, and the special way of shaping these bottles has the following characteristics:
1- Bottled transparency
2- Its superior inhibitory properties, especially against gases.
3. Light bottle and its high mechanical strength.
This polymer material is also used as a thin film for Iranian market, in which case the PET film provides the required hardness of the package. Its sample is in the packaging of juices like Sundries out of Iranian market.
Polystyrene Poly Styrene:
It is simple, transparent and fragile, and is used to produce disposable containers or trays, while at the same time it is a special type of impact-resistant or impact-resistant polystyrene that can be used to produce this type of polystyrene from a plastic called HIPS is used to withstand impact out of Iranian market.
This type is used to produce yogurt makers and single jars for Iranian market. The other is called Foomeel Poly Styren, polystyrene that is sometimes referred to as Expanded for Iranian market. In the process of producing this material, packaging is used by fugitive gases that expands the polymeric tissue and creates hollow core cells in the polymer material out of Iranian market. Such a tissue does not first transmit the blow to the product, so it is suitable for brittle products like eggs; secondly, it is a good thermal insulation and is suitable for the supply of hot products. Thirdly, the lightness of polymer material makes it more suitable for transportation in Iranian market.
Nylon is widely used in meat products of various types of sausages, as well as polyamide with polyethylene in vacuum packaging of fresh meat and cheese in Iranian market.
PVDC or Poly Vinily dene choloricle:
This polymeric material is the best type of polymeric substance in terms of its inhibitory properties against gases and moisture penetration. A very thin film can provide the necessary jamming. Its flexibility is very good. For this reason, it is widely used for the packaging of meat products and specifically for the wholesale packaging of meat out of Iranian market. In other words, in vacuum packaging, this polymer material is used in the form of a polymer film that completely adheres to the surface of the product due to not only improve Iranian market but global market too.

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