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Low but high profit agricultural  marketing in Iran
Low but high profit agricultural marketing in Iran

Low but high profit agricultural marketing in Iran

 The existence of a low net margin has fundamental problem and good character a. The problem is that as the margin of industrial profit is low, the non-systematic risks of the industry increases, and with the smallest incident or economic-financial problem that goes to the industry, it overlays its total profits and may damage the industry for marketing in Iran, i.e., the impact of incidental accidents There is more to the industry with a margin of profit.

But on the other hand, the good margin of profit margin is that if the license is obtained, the profitability of growth is exponential in the sense that the lower the margin of net profit is, the effect of the increase in the rate of products or the increase in profits from the exchange rate more Gets The reason for that in the event of this flow of sales in Iranian market, the company will go up, but the rest of its costs will remain almost unchanged or increase very little. Therefore, sales are higher than net profit, and with a slight change in sales, net profit will be affected.
Iranian market, a great opportunity for foreign marketing
 One of the most important points in the food industry's discussion is that its growth and success are derived only from domestic investment. From 2010 to 2012, foreign investment in the Iranian food industry out of Iranian market was only $ 600 million, and only four foreign companies have invested in the food industry for marketing in Iran. While foreign investment in the Turkish food industry in 2010 was $ 123 million, the next year it reached $ 648 million, and eventually increased to $ 1.2 billion in 2012.
Interestingly, Turkey as the neighboring country of Iran in the regional markets in 2010 ranked the seventh in attracting foreign investment in the food industry, which next year ranked eighth and in 2012 to attract foreign direct investment to the food industry reached. In fact, there is a potential that the Iranian food industry will greatly increase its current growth by attracting foreign investment for marketing in Iran by advertising in Iranian market. In Iran, companies have also benefited from foreign investment, such as Behshahr, which has invested in Safavid International Holdings. Margarine's company can also be categorized as such.
In addition to producing direct sales, Iranian market has its own raw materials that are attractive to foreign investors, and it can be said that Turkey has attractive destinations for growth. All these issues should be considered with regard to the population of the country, neighboring countries and other export markets of Iran, in which case we will encounter a multimillion-dollar population, which is just enough to enter the market with new and innovative ideas for marketing in Iran.
It should be noted that Iranian market has an export advantage in the industry as well. With the profit margin found in the industry, and given the fact that the decline in commodity prices is widespread in the world, it can be produced at lower prices in the industry. Therefore, in the future economic climate of Iran, this advantage can be maintained in the event of lower interest rates and maintaining foreign relations.
High employment, vital for the state, profitable for the investor
In the field of fresh produce, among 181 countries, Iran ranked 118th and stands in the field of processed products in the position of 96 countries. While a country like Turkey is in the same place below this index despite its similarities. In terms of job creation in Iranian market, the food industry ranked first and the number of workshops ranked second, resulting in a favorable potential for improvement. It is also possible to make a small investment in the industry, which is also very important in the twelfth government. This issue can be highly relevant to the growth of the population of the region and the country. On the other hand, in foreign investments, it is also noteworthy that the food industry in Iran has a relatively good advantage after petrochemicals. For this reason, government support for this industry is crucial. Iran's food industry has more than 11,000 production units and 36,000 industrial food units, with a 15 percent share in the country's employment.
In the end, the owners of these industries have a great influence on their growth for marketing in Iran. In general, there are two main company models in the group that have two different portfolio combinations which is mentioned below:
1.    Strong corporate law firms with a coherent structure of real shareholders
2.    Companies with a coherent structure of genuine shareholders
 Both of them have a strong management structure for marketing in Iran. True people are often retailers, and legally-backed companies incorporate basic products, which, in addition to fluctuating processes, seek to develop and equip the firm, which can be searched in the underdeveloped positions of the major stockholders of these companies.
Iran localize team with high level experts in agriculture, statistics and marketing is fully aware of the needs of country and we are ready to share these information with that kind of foreign companies which are interested in investing in Iranian market not only in order to make profit for themselves but also that kind of companies which are concerned about global problems and they want to expand their marketing in global levels in order to avoid harm.