Psychological concepts in Iranian market  part 1

Psychological concepts in Iranian market part 1

Many marketing and advertising experts who mastered psychological concepts believe that it is easy to analyze and influence people by using a checklist of incentives and using the pyramid of needs.In my opinion, this is absolutely nonsense. I do not know why someone should buy 75 cans of cat food with a pack of snacks, so that he has to drive uncomfortably in his car! How can one evaluate a person with a psychological checklist?

Human being is so complex and mysterious that we are always struggling to understand each other. But from this point of importance, there are several points of psychology that help you create an effective promotional message especially in Iranian market.

In these articles, you will receive acquainted with 12 points about sales psychology in Iranian market.

  1. Iranian costumers decide by their feelings

One of the sales psychology tricks is based on the fact that people decide on an instant sense, need or feel, rather than on a logical process. For this reason, intangible privileges are the key to convincing individuals in Iranian market. You should ask yourself is that what is the emotional weakness and need of Iranian costumers in Iranian market.

  1. Individuals justify their work using existing facts

Not only Iranian costumers in Iranian market but also all of the people around the world have this criterion. For example, a man sees a promotional photo of a sports car and instantly falls in love with it.  Nevertheless, he cannot convince himself just because he has an emotion to buy a car. So he gets information about the technical specifications of the machine, engine power, safety features and maintenance costs. He wants the car because it gives him a good feeling. But he only buys it if it is reasonably justified.

  1. Human beings are selfish

Another selling psychology tricks in Iranian market is based on the idea that human beings are selfish. "Selfish" means that the person sees everything around his own axis. We all see the world as if everything is dependent on our person. So if you want one to do something in advertising in Iranian market, you have to answer the unanswered question: What does it have for me? In other words, how does it make me feel worthy? One the most important factor for selling in Iranian market is the Iranian costumers’ self-esteem. Surly Iranian market runs on costumers’ satisfaction, which it can be bolded for Iranian costumers if you know how to pull the trigger.

Iran localize team will do its best in order to introduce best ways of attention catching, planning a road map and gain goods from your business in Iranian market.

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