Psychological concepts in Iranian market  part 3

Psychological concepts in Iranian market part 3

We have argued about six psychological factors significance of marketing in Iran. As it is clear nowadays marketing is dependent on very variables which one of them is psychological factors. When we are to expand our business in Iranian market, the psychological factors need to be considered localized as well.
7. People love shopping
Some may say "people do not like to be convinced." But it's not true at all. People want to be convinced.

They love to discover new amazing products and experiences especially in Iranian market which there are less opportunity to do so. What people do not like is deception and gambling which unfortunately could be common in Iranian market. As a result, changing attitudes about the marketing in Iran can be helpful during the process. Instead of selling, you need to try to help Iranian customers. Provide good products, give attractive suggestions and behave fairly. This success formula would be one of the best ways to achieve great financial aims.
8. Human being is inherently suspicious of everything
The number of low IQ people is not low, but when it comes to Iranian market and marketing in Iran most people are usually suspicious of any suggestion that others are making. They are risk averse. You will never know how skeptic and uncertain your customer is, so it's best to make sure that all of your claims, such as recommendations, research results, warranties, test results, and scientific data, are sounded. Among all of these claims which have been mentioned warranties play the most important role in Iranian market.
9. People are always searching
Love, wealth, glory, comfort, security are some of the examples which people seek during their life. Iranian costumers are looking for these things as well. Human beings are usually not happy with the status quo and are looking for such intangible things. The easiest way to get a good promotional message in Iranian market is to show that your product or service is one way or more to meet customer needs.

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