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Psychological concepts in Iranian market part 4
Psychological concepts in Iranian market part 4

Psychological concepts in Iranian market part 4

The importance of social science is not neglected at all. We provided some of the psychological factors for marketing in Iran regarding Iranian market, Iranian costumers, Iranian needs and Iranian values for products and services. Now we are to clear some other aspects of psychological concepts in Iranian market.
10. It is important to be available and unique at the same time
If the same product that you are offering is available in the stores of Iranian market, then the buyer will definitely choose the nearest place to buy.

So if Iranian customers buy directly from you, they will not find their desired product elsewhere undoubtedly. When your Iranian costumers are familiar with your brand they seek the original store it may have two reasons. One is that Iranian costumers may not know where to look for it; two, Iranian often like to buy directly from the first or second hand in brand. It will be a disadvantage for you if you cannot provide some ways for Iranian costumers to do so. It is better to emphasize the possibility of easy purchase and unique product.
11. People want to try the product before they buy it
Some people do not feel good about online shopping because there is no way to test and review the product. Products such as books and CDs are no exception to this, because they are sufficiently familiar and touchable and usually there is no doubt about their physical quality for Iranian costumers. It's harder to sell other products like clothes and food in Iran market, at least until customers find a good shopping experience. Also you need to consider that your costumers might feel your quality may change. Think about how people shop in the store in Iranian market and is there any part of such an experience in your promotional message for Iranian costumers in Iranian market?
12. Most people follow the crowd
Salesmen say that people imitate others. We look forward others for guidance, especially when we're hesitating about something. What is the opinion of others? How are you feeling about it? What are you doing? And then they act accordingly. Because of this reason, the advice and opinions of previous clients in Iranian market have a lot to do.
 What was said was as small as the tip of the needle but way important for marketing in Iran and running business in Iranian market. Psychology is very deep and constantly changing. But without complicating the problem, we must accept that not only awareness of human behavior, but also knowing the reason for this behavior can be beneficial.