Steel industry in Iran and Iranian market

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Steel industry in Iran and Iranian market

Today in Iranian market, steel plays an important role in the importance of industrial sectors of Iranian market, in which more than 600 industries feed on it as downstream industries. Of course, due to the presence of iron ore in Iran, as the first steel production ring, the industry has been able to gain a prominent position over the past four years in Iranian market.

Iran's Steel Structure
Iran has international steel production, which was ranked 17th in the world in 2010, and today Iranian market is the world's 14th steelmaker; our products in this area have gone so far that today the private sector's steel products, despite the declining trend in the world, The steel producer in the private sector recorded a growth of 14.5% in the first month of this year, as the steel makers of the private sector recorded in the first quarter of this year, while the steel makers of the world, according to Market conditions have reduced their production despite of Iranian market.
Steel giants in Iran and Iranian market
The history of the steel plant in Iranian market dates back to 1306, when the first steps were taken to build a steel plant in Iranian market, but World War II prevented the pursuit and growth of steel targets. The first steel mill in Khuzestan was established for the processing of imported scrap in 1342, and an agreement was concluded between an Iranian and Swedish company for the construction of this steel plant.
Subsequently, the public sector began its activities, in addition to the contract signed between the governments of Iran and the former Soviet Union for the transfer of natural gas from Iranian market, the heavy industry exchanges, including the construction of a steel mill with an annual production capacity of 550 thousand tons in Isfahan The other side was replaced for Iranian market. In this regard, the National Steel Company of Iran has been established in order to carry out the construction works of this plant and equip the related mines such as iron ore, coal, limestone, fireproof and ... and since that time steel factories were built one after another in Iranian market. After the revolution, steel units such as Khuzestan Steel and Mobarakeh Steel of Isfahan formed an important share in the steel production of Iranian market. Currently, steel complexes such as Hormozgan Steel, Khorasan Steel, Cobalt Steel, Steel Kavian, Sepahan Industrial Group, Iran Alloy Steel and National Steel Company of Iran were formed due to Iranian market, but the share of over 70% of Iran's steel production is on steel producers such as steel Mobarakeh, Steel of Khuzestan and Zobahan Isfahan. We will briefly introduce these great industrial companies in Iranian market.
Mobarakeh Steel Co. Isfahan
The largest industrial complex in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iranian market located in the east of Mobarakeh and west of the city of Zarrinshahr in Isfahan province, has been established on an area of 35 square kilometers (17 square kilometers of production hall) with a production capacity of 4 million tons of all kinds of cold-rolled flat steel products, Tin plated, galvanized and colored in thickness from 0/18 to 16 mm. The complex was established in January 1993. The production lines of Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan include liming, pelletizing, direct revitalization, steel making, continuous casting, billet milling, hot rolling, hot rolling, acid refining, cold rolled, sheet metal production unit, galvanized sheet production unit, color sheet production unit Is a continuous steel rolling and rolling unit (SBA) in Iranian market.
Khoozestan Steel Company
Khuzestan Steel Co. is the second largest producer of crude steel in Iranian market. The company's headquarters, with an area of 8.3 square kilometers, is located adjacent to the city of Ahwaz, with its headquarters in Ahvaz out of Iranian market. Steel Company of Khuzestan was established as the first iron and steel complex in Iranian market on April 12, 1989, by means of direct revival and electric arc furnace. The main factories of this company include pelletizing factories, direct reclamation plants and the steel sector, and its lateral factories include lime factory, oxygen plant and industrial wastewater treatment plant out of Iranian market.
Isfahan steel company
Isfahan Mine is the first and largest steelmaking and railing factory in Iranian market, with a production capacity of 8.2 million tons of finished product, producing various types of steel and industrial steel sections out of Iranian market. The Isfahan Smelter Factory was founded in 1344. The company's factory products are exported to more than 23 European, Asian and African countries, and are used in large projects such as Milad Tower, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, large dams and metro and railroads.
Steel Prospect for the next 10 years in Iranian market
Iran is the world's 14th largest steel maker, which has been targeting a capacity of 55 million tons of crude steel for about 10 years (1404 horizons), of which about one million tons should go to export markets out of Iranian market. According to the Public Relations of the Organization for the Development and Renovation of Mining Industries of Iran, Mining and Trade, the value added share of the steel industry in the industry and mining sector was 18 percent in the year 2020, and this figure is expected to be up to 19 percent by the end of the year And reaches 20% by the perspective of 2025. At present, crude steel production capacity is about 24 million tons, up from 32 million tons in 1996, to 55 million tons in 2025. By improving the production capacity of 55 million tons of crude steel per year, Iranian market’s position in the steel industry is upgrading from the current 14th to the seventh place worldwide
As it was mentioned before Iranian market has a great potential to expand steel business in the Iranian market. As a result these giant companies are not easy to beat and have a fair competition. In this regard Iran localizes team with the greatest experts and researchers are ready to help you go through obstacles in Iranian market.

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