What features should an Iranian user interface have? Part 1

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What features should an Iranian user interface have? Part 1

The design of the Graphic User Interface or the Interactive Design is a relatively new branch in design that has been of interest to designers, especially graphic designers and industrial designers. This branch of design is relatively young and is rapidly expanding along with the growth of technology in Iranian market.
The graphical user interface follows a series of standards. The most important feature that shapes these standards is the users which in this case are Iranian customers.

It is clear that users are different. Whether you want to design an interface for an older audience or a child's audience, it's entirely possible to influence of your design.
We can also look at users geographically. For example, the British’s reaction of red color is different from the Iranians. Perhaps in the United Kingdom red is a royal color, which in Iranian market red is a fascinating color for food packaging.
Anyhow, a graphic designer or industrial designer who wants to design a package must recognize the different tastes of people in different countries and act in accordance with them for design. In the history of graphic design, many examples can be found that a designer's mistake in failing to recognize the specific geography of a commercial product has come to harm instead of making profit.
It should be noted that when we talk about native design (graphic design localization in Iran’s market), it does not necessarily mean that a particular geography can satisfy THE design. It's a native design that can create it to change the minds of users.

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