Home appliances in Iranian market

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Home appliances in Iranian market

Busy days, open shops and people who are in showcase looking for their home appliances are over 60 percentage of the year. Of course, the boom in purchases has come in the direction of branding with more complete after sales service for marketing in Iran. According to researches that has been done out of Iranian market, maybe Iranian costumers are one of those people who come to market in three ways to buy a piece of appliances. The trio is full of a variety of home appliance brands that will surely be confused if a person goes to this location without considering a specific brand and even the model number of the device to be purchased.

In the midst of this confusion, of course, it may even buy a product that, although appearing to function well, may carry the same brand name as the brand, but after an inappropriate operation and more precision of the customer, it becomes clear that the product is counterfeit and only the displacement of a letter Its English brand has been completely changed, and its difference in quality is beyond imagination which are common in Iranian market by advertising in Iran in so many ways.
This is, of course, more likely to be the case for Chinese goods or  other goods that come to some sort of unofficial borders, which can be significantly different from the various customs authorities, from the Home Appliances Association. However, Baneh's border, which in the past was the place to supply the goods needed by the public due to the small prices of goods with the official market in Iranian market or maybe in the global market, these days because of the high income of home appliances, there are not many steady customers for marketing in Iran, and people prefer to that type which can even purchase your goods from official dealerships or shops that are able to provide after-sales services due to Iranian market.
Of course, there are several countries that have been able to attract Iranian costumers and bring their home appliance products to the Iranian market. Most of these appliances belong to Korea; however, customs statistics indicate an increase in imports of home appliances from Turkey to Iran.
Meanwhile, Korean companies in Iranian market, of course, believe that Turkey cannot have a good marketing in Iran, because the Turks have different tastes than Iranians, and some of their home appliances are used in places where Iranians do not show up for it.
Andy Kim, responsible for a Korean home appliance manufacturer in Iranian market, claims that "Given the recognition that we have on the home appliance market in the Iran, the Turks cannot play a significant role in the Iranian home appliance market because, for example, they are from a car The laundry is used in the bathroom, while the Iranians place the same product in the kitchen.
"Of course, Iranian women are believed to create harmony between their home appliances," she adds, while the Turks do not usually consider such a thing in home appliance manufacturing.
Kim says in the home appliance market analysis in Iranian market, "Korean home appliance customers are specific customers outside of the budget and the amount of money that they are considering buying a product, but they focus more on technical issues such as engine quality and energy use." This has turned the Iranian market into a unique market for the Korean market due to marketing in Iran.
She said: "For a successful presence in the Iranian market, we emphasize the need to meet the needs of Iranian customers and, in terms of budget and technical specifications, and most important of all, energy consumption, we can consider the items which they are considering out of Iranian market for Iranian costumers.
Kim says: "The Iranian market is the best market in the Middle East, and its customers are buying European appliance in the purchase of some home appliances.
She considers Iranian women as a good home appliance engineer, and in analyzing the trafficking in home appliances to Iran, she says: "Most Iranians are very concerned about the origin of goods, and their after sales services are their first question to buy a product."
"The products that enter the Iranian market unofficially do not have after-sales services, and although they are sold at cheap rates, they are becoming troublesome for Iranians," such as LG Company in Iran.
However, the home appliance market in Iran is pushing for the luxury of household appliances, but the weaknesses that have come to fruition over the last few years due to the entry of smuggled goods into Iran have been increasing, and the people are still keen on smuggled products.
In the meantime, if we go to the door of the factories producing home appliances in Iran, we will look for people who are waiting for the factory door to supply a piece of their own, a piece that has been smuggled and branded for the purpose of buying a product from an informal source. False or similar, has been buggy and should be replaced so that the device continues its normal operation.
In such a way that people who buy their own items from an informal destination and buy smuggled goods from the market, may need to pay up to one-third of the purchase price of the goods to replace the defective item, and in practice, they will suffer a lot to repair.
However, most people who have had the experience of buying smuggled goods and unofficial home appliances sales are now no longer buying such products and are trying to buy the goods from official places, and over marketing in Iran with good advertising in Iran the rate of buying smuggled products are increasing.

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