Detergent and sanitary of Iranian market

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Detergent and sanitary of Iranian market

60% of the capacity to produce detergent has been left empty
The country's detergent and sanitary industry is one of the industries that according to experts are short three times than the need of the community's production capacity for marketing in Iran. This means that the production capacity of the industry is about 4 million tons, but currently only 1.5 million tons are produced in this area out of Iranian market, which means that production is about 60 percent of the capacity of the detergent industry.

But as time passes, the presence of similar foreign products in the consumer market is more pronounced than before.
According to experts, the lack of support for domestic product prices, the import of cheap and inexpensive goods, the lack of an export marketing culture, along with the lack of units that can produce products for export and also the lack of advertising in Iran, are factors that are mutually helplessly hampered by the domestic industry. Of course, there has been some activity over the past years, but the volume of these activities is not as promising as the production capacity inside the Iranian market.
Statistical view
According to the Ministry of Industry, mining and trade, detergent powder had the highest export share from Iranian market, of which 177 thousand tons of health products were exported, more than 140 thousand tons of detergent powder and 37 thousand tons of other products belonged and practiced for marketing in Iran and global marketing. Also, the biggest target markets for exporting these products are Iraq with 80 thousand tons worth 54 million dollars, Afghanistan 25 thousand tons worth 17 million dollars, Pakistan 13 thousand tons worth 9 million dollars, Turkmenistan 11 thousand tons and worth Tajikistan's $ 9 million and Tajikistan were 10 thousand and worth $ 5 million.
Need for production and production
Experts said that the capacity of powdered detergent is now about 1 million and 500 thousand tons, and that the consumption of powder is about 450 thousand tons and its production for marketing in Iran is about 500 tons.
The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Detergent Association, Cosmetics and Cosmetics, lists 220 units of detergent production units and believes that about 70 to 85 percent of this production is available to 15 major industrial units. He cites the reason for this difference in production in the weakness of the small units in the absence of modern machinery and sufficient capital for production, adding that the production of raw materials is in good condition: at present about 85% of the raw material is produced in the country. The detergent industry in Iranian market is one of the biggest industries that has a very high capacity to export its products to other countries and to be more prominent in the global markets, which neglects to use these capacities to cause dreams of capital and, in addition, increase prices for manufacturers; If the expanding export markets can easily re-activate this massive and declining capacity would help not only marketing in Iran but also exporting goods from Iranian market.
The prospect of a 7% increase to 1404
Regarding the export capacity of Iran's detergent and sanitary facilities out of Iranian market, officials have also been struggling in this regard, but there are still issues like export barriers. In this regard, the experts of marketing in Iran, researchers in general Food, Drug and Sanitary Industry of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, emphasizing that the elimination of unnecessary barriers to exports is on the agenda, by pursuing appropriate logistics for supplying raw materials and exporting the ultimate commodity of problems. "In the field of supporting industrial units, domestic and international exhibitions will also provide support for the presence of bulky export units that have been announced,"
Targeting the detergent industry in the 1404 scenario was seen in two scenarios: in the target set in the 1404 horizons, 7% and 14% growth was observed in the export of detergents, each with its own requirements. If the international restrictions on removing and supplying raw materials are well done, the figure is not 14 percent for marketing in Iran.
It may seem strange to know that in today's world, detergents and cleansers have become as important as the first needs of human being. If we think a bit, we find that this point is not far from the mind. In a world where health is one of the most important factors for development and citizenship, the role of detergents and cleaners in the lives of peoples and raising the standard of living, well-being is becoming more and more evident.
Given this important point, detergent companies and industries have also not been idle in this global marketplace not only in Iranian market but also in most of the east markets, and with unceasing efforts, large investments in Iranian market, large advertising in Iran and marketing in Iran, branding and customer service, have surpassed others. They are trying to market products of high quality, affordable prices and fine packaging, and ultimately make huge profits.
But what is the quality of Iranian products? Why do customers get more stretch to brands? Even brands that do not have a so-called official name are bought from Iranian customers.
Is branding done in this industry for marketing in Iran? Is there any information about the actual content of detergents and hygiene products available to consumers? And what are the reasons for the superiority of a product to other products of the same family? While in Iran, we have a market of 70 million populations, which includes domestic consumers.
There is also a potential 250 million market with us, with a total of 320 million consumer markets available. But the most important point is the management and attraction of the market of 320 million, which requires a coherent planning and organization. But it seems that Iranian companies, for various reasons, still do not have the authority to fix the market over and determine the price of raw materials themselves.
These issues should also add to the lack of coherent planning for advertising in Iran and marketing in the domestic and foreign markets. These two principles are considered as two important factors for the presence of powerful brands in the market. Because the advertising unit not only deals with marketing globally, it is also active in the domestic cities and small markets, and shall not be overlooked.

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