Sporting goods in the Iranian market

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Sporting goods in the Iranian market

Business, industry and sports equipment is well-known throughout the world. Iranian market still has the ability to export in this sector, but due to the country's never-ending economic problems, which has led to a severe downturn in all markets, it has now not only witnessed the abandonment of domestic producers, but also imports from what was expected in this The section has gone further out of marketing in Iran. At present, the recession in the country's economy has caused national production harm, and national production damage has led to the closure of factories, and the Equipment Union is no exception.

On the other hand, foreign exchange problems and sanctions have pushed for the production of sporting goods in Iranian market. Unfortunately, at the moment the domestic share of sporting goods production is negligible, and what is most apparent in the market is Chinese apparel and equipment. Also, given that there is no support from the manufacturers, the cost of production in Iranian market is naturally high and the price of a finished Iranian product is far more expensive than its external model. Meanwhile, in quality discussions, we also see a better quality of the externals than domestic produce.
In China, raw materials are supplied at the cheapest price and with the best facilities available to the producer, so that he can produce several times his production by hiring more troops. But in Iranian market, you not only can not generate a multiplier of capital, which should leave half the capital intact, and if the market is fluctuating, you have the backing necessary to operate in this field.
The presence of sports equipment manufacturers in the global market with increasing quality
In this regard, the sports minister said: "With the increase in the quality of manufactured goods and sport products for marketing in Iran, Iranian producers can also be present at international markets for global marketing. Massoud Soltanifar said that the exhibition had progressed more than we imagined in terms of the variety and quality of products, adding: "We hope that with the increase in the quality of domestic products, the import of smuggled goods for marketing in Iran will decrease and the situation will be such that it will no longer be in the commodity market. He added: "Given the diversity and level of quality of sport products, our mission is to support heavy domestic manufacturers, especially as we have a responsibility to support the vast majority of domestic products in order to realize the foundations of a sustainable economy for marketing in Iran." Soltanifer added: "Supporting domestic production is important for increasing its quality and its breadth as well as job creation." "The quality of sporting goods in Iranian market is increasing, and some of them are competitive with foreign sporting goods and in many other sports items, we need to import foreign goods for marketing in Iran considering good advertising in Iranian market," he said. The Minister of Sports and Youth emphasized on the increase in the quality of products for sport products inside the country and said: "In addition to being in the international markets, we must also export to witness a more active economy in this sector and, accordingly, we need to provide an appropriate mechanism for supporting domestic production." To provide them with more motivated quality products.
 He explained: "We are now in a good position to use foreign technology and become more active by increasing the quality of domestic products to compete in foreign markets out of Iranian market." The Sports Minister also said the Anti-Smuggling Task Force is active in this regard, responding to a question as to whether measures have been taken to reduce the import of unauthorized sports goods to Iranian market, and had a good performance in reducing smuggled goods over the past year. Soltanayfar said that the possibility of using foreign resources has also been made available and that sports are also fortunate enough to host international competitions, and we hope that we will be able to take more seats in international forums to benefit from the right of sports, youth And the nation of Iran.
The withdrawal of domestic producers due to unregulated imports out of Iranian market
The state of the Iranian market for sports goods in the field of sales that includes our salespeople does not have much definition. Someone does not want to buy, because they are very expensive because of imports and brand, and maybe they can sell the goods at the time when the auction ends. Of course, given the economic situation and the decline in purchasing power, people prefer to buy foreign clothing for their cheap price.
The best time for the activists of this class is the beginning of the school season, and it's known as the flower of the Iranian market, but unfortunately, the recession has been so prevalent for marketing in Iran that employees are worried about whether this decline will be resolved in the next two months and the start of schools. It should be noted here that the import of some sporting goods, which is exactly the same domestic in the country, has put production plants on the brink of closure. We had colleagues, who had domestic production in this class, but unfortunately, outsourcing was the reason why they dropped out of this class, and most of them were importing for the purpose of marketing in Iran.
Production costs and taxes are also high. In a country like China, sporting goods are clustered and day to day collections of goods are collected, but in Iranian market, the producer must constantly be taxed. This is not the case, however, as the standard and quality of Chinese sports equipment. Therefore, the lack of popularity of domestic products and, on the other hand, the import of various goods in this area at a reasonable price from China, which abducted the power of competition from domestic producers, are the main reasons for the closure of sports equipment manufacturers.

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