Tile and Ceramic Market Outlook by the End of the Year 96 / Production and Export Challenges of Industrial Minerals in Iranian market

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Tile and Ceramic Market Outlook by the End of the Year 96 / Production and Export Challenges of Industrial Minerals in Iranian market

The meeting of Iran Mining Committee met to examine the production and export challenges of this sector and to plan for raising the price of industrial minerals in Iranian market. According to the Public Relations Department of Iran's Mine House, Mehrdad Shokouhi, chairman of the Mining Committee of Iran's Mining Industry, said that in the new year, the industrial minerals market had raised 7.5 percent, said: "Despite the fact that we had reduced production in this area for marketing in Iran we got a production capacity of 400 thousand tons, amounting to 185 thousand tons in 95 years out of Iranian market.

But to raise the price, we tried to raise the quality of our products to 7.5% increase for customers. The tile market is currently pluming.
Following the meeting, Mohammad Behzadian, a member of the Board of the Mining Committee of Iran's Mining Industry, added: "The domestic market for tile and ceramic is stagnant, and neighboring countries have used these conditions and plan to eliminate us from the export market." On the other hand, some of our newcomers and competitors have been accepting their products at less than Iranian market prices because they are less costly. But as far as possible, we will be in the direction of improving the quality of production for marketing in Iran.
Hamid Reza Masoumi, a member of the board of directors of the Mining Committee of Iran's Mining Industry, added: "Over the past two years, about 25 tile plants have been shut down, and the number of closed factories is likely to increase by year's end." Regarding the Iranian market for this product, we also have to say that last year we did not raise prices on the Iranian market, and only a few prices increased on some products for marketing in Iran. "I think it's better to concentrate on lowering costs (costs) instead of rising prices." Our neighboring countries, other than Turkey, are all importers and cannot have tile factories due to lack of raw materials. Therefore, all neighboring countries can be customers of Iran's tile and ceramics, and we must act as an inorganic organization and ask the authorities to take steps to improve the development of the foreign business sector out of marketing in Iran. It's better for our government to move away from the current passive mode and have a different look at mine-related industries. Currently, the Turkish government puts credit to its neighbors to boost its business and occasionally accepts some of the cost of shipping. Turkey has become our main rival with this policy while we see our government does not open the way for commercial development for not only marketing in Iran but also global marketing. Mohammad Reza Bakhtiari, another member of Iran Mining Committee, said: "We have made progress in exports, but we can be better than this." One of our problems is sleeping trucks for two days on the border of Parviz Khan. It does not allow Iran's trucks to cross the Iraqi center, and the cargo must be evacuated and delivered to Iraqi trucks.
Shokoohi added Iran's shipping rate has tripled, which has, in turn, hindered the development of exports out of Iranian market.
Abyaneh, a member of the Iran Mining Committee, continued, "Due to this problem, they also import barite from China, India and Vietnam to the region because of the problem of money transfer. Masumi added: Mr. Norouzi, in the Iranian Soil Industry Company out of Iranian market, said that they carry 39 trains of Kaolin monthly to Turkey.
Kazemi, a member of the Industrial Mining Committee, added: "Our main activity is on exports out of Iranian market, and we are doing our best in this regard." We had booths in China and Turkey and we also exported to Armenia. Our product prices vary from country to country, because we follow our products with a particular policy. Mr. Norouzi is keen on working with the rest of the committee at the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. But the remarkable thing is that the fare rate is not stable inside and is constantly changing. Shafian, another member of the Industrial Mining Committee, said: Industrial soils should be considered as profitable in the form of foreign factories, otherwise our buyers will not be able to practice well by marketing in Iran. If somewhere we see this purchase is done, there are special cases. The price of our products for Russians is expensive and therefore we cannot enter this market. While there is still a problem with the transfer of money to Russia, the fluctuation of fares for export is by no means acceptable. Poralsal, a member of the Industrial Mining Committee, continued, "The Social Security Agency inspected company documents for the past 10 years and, despite the approval of the Resistance Committee in late 95, examines the evidence of the past and resists out of marketing in Iran. However, the Court of Accounts stated that in responding to a social security claim, we can only give evidence of a recent one. It is better to use the adviser to deal with asset and social security because they are familiar with goods.
In the retail marketing in Iran for tile and ceramic construction of metropolises such as Tehran, despite the fact that large amounts of tile and ceramic tile products are produced inside the warehouses, they also show off foreign products in the showcases of the stores, which imply the import of bare products of the same type as domestic ones.

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