Marketing in Iran - Introduction

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Marketing in Iran - Introduction

 Marketing is a debate about the market and customers, and for organizations to succeed and compete, they need to be leading and capable of gaining market share in the lucrative markets, compared with their rivals. However, the scientific use of marketing principles has an important role in development.

Hence, on the one hand, the marketing of monopoly organizations and companies encourages the emergence of monopoly thinking led a shift towards customer orientation. On the other hand, they create the requirements that they must always strive to change their goals, strategies, tactics, attitudes, insights and new and diverse thinking. Finally, because not only marketing in Iran but also global marketing is critical to the needs and expectations of our customers, organizations must also pay enough attention to managing needs in order to achieve their goals and to be able to adapt their activities to different environmental conditions and market requirements such as Iranian market and its specific needs. To make In this paper, after describing the concepts of market and marketing, the market situation and competition in Iran, it is attempted to address the marketing situation in Iran and in particular the banking system, and finally, with a brief overview of classic marketing and marketing out of Iranian market, the distinctions and perceptions are well defined.
In various sectors of the economy, industry and commerce, there are a large number of companies and government organizations that have government executives, and their state-of-the-art thoughts, behaviors and perspectives have led many of the concepts and patterns of traditional management to dominate cultures, structures, Communication and environment of active organizations in the Iranian market's economy. So that this situation has been created for all businesses in Iran's markets and somewhat flexible and complicated organizational developments and their risks always are the high level of staff and the unchangeable of managers in different layers and levels of organization, has caused the same divine systems administrative and customary, it is impoverished. On the other hand, due to the stability and exclusivity of the services and institutions of some of these organizations and state-owned companies, the profits and productivity of labor, physical resources and capital resources out of Iranian market are low and the principles The core of the market and new marketing for Marketing in Iran, due to the disregard for the market Competitive leverage and customer demands are unanswered because of a number of reasons.
 Definition of market and marketing: The place where buyers and sellers come together to trade goods. Marketing means managing trading through the recognition of the needs and expectations of customers, and their responsiveness and satisfaction. In other words, wherever and whenever, there are four elements of "need, desire, factors to meet the need and trading conditions," to mean marketing and marketing in Iran. But the most important element of this definition is trading conditions. Because the trading conditions represent the various environmental factors, the situation and the dominant trading environment, it affects the other three elements.
The Market Situation in Iran By carefully examining the business markets in recent decades due to marketing in Iran, we find that the activity of the markets is always the same and that the organization and company's view of the customer is completely traditional and unilateral out of Iranian market. But, while the main factors of the market are always Goods and services, buyers, sellers of different age groups and social groups have never met the needs and expectations of their customers and their desires. As industrial works are the same as the former, with the same traditional structures and past perspectives, products and services On behalf of certain organizations and institutions (banks, insurance, industries The production of automobiles, etc., are being marketed, manufacturers produce their products based on their behavior, principles, and desires, the customer does not care much, and monopolism and rendering significantly limit the possibility of the provision of products from other companies care little about this issues for marketing in Iranian market, although in one word we can say that advertising in Iran has reached high level capacity. It seems that there are different slogans about customer attention and marketing them, but the change in the process of activities is very slow and quiet, and it is mostly promotional, and in practice there are events that are completely different "with today's conditions. Market and marketing are international. The case is mentioned A particular issue stems from the existence of monopolistic and non-competitive markets, the Iranian economy and government, which has not provided the opportunity to properly understand and apply certain sciences, skills and specializations, and if the opportunity has been created, at a later stage, due to certain circumstances Has been dominant, used, and often flawed by the perceptions they have received.
Marketing Status for marketing in Iran Due to the statehood of the economy and the conditions (monopoly), various interpretations have been construed, due to the traditional nature of the views and thoughts governing organizations, such as sending postcards, visiting customers, calling, posters and because of the rents they have in the hands of managers of government agencies, they are merely paying special attention to specific customers. In fact, marketing in Iran is one of the sciences that has been discontented in recent years in terms of perceptions Incredibly, this science has been used immensely It can be said all year and in an optimistic way that marketing in Iran has reached a semi-traditional stage, and it will be ahead of the stage of new marketing of a different era, which itself essentially involves changes in the ownership and management of the organizations of the economy (or The change of mindset, thoughts, and views of government executives (modern organizational cultures), therefore, in order to achieve the new marketing goals, competitive competitiveness, flexible organizational structures, new and emerging cultures, broader communication and professional interactions must exist.

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