The competition situation in Iranian market

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The competition situation in Iranian market

 In the Iranian market, there are unfavorable competition for various products, and unfortunately, the competitors of a market do everything to achieve market share, and on the other hand, the conditions prevailing in different markets in Iran are such that, unlike other Countries Iranian market has no choice but,

despite the slogans in this regard and respect for the customer, they can never meet the needs and expectations of the present and future customers and buyers. Because of such organizations there is always a duty to do business out of Iranian market. The reason for the long process of their work is to be able to respond promptly to the expectation different age groups are not possible at the best of time, and despite the laws and regulations of the administrative and government that the government itself has created as a mainstream, supply, production, sale and consumption, and consequently, it costs a lot of money. The buyers (public sector, private, community members (and sellers) of the public sector, private, community members), the government is the largest consumer, is both the largest seller and the largest buyer, so it can be said that the market is exclusive and there is more competition among Governments, But in recent years, some markets and commodities have improved slightly due to private sector entry. But in general, its size is very low due to the large part of the state economy and the conditions for the production and supply of services between the public and private sectors are uneven and unbalanced. As long as market orientation, customer orientation, respect for consumer and producer rights are not meaningful, in this space, needs are not properly resolved, nor needy are satisfied, nor the requirements of the need to be arbitrarily and freely available and even the conditions of trading are not based on the competition and the behavior of the free economy for marketing in Iran.
The distinction between public relations and marketing in Iran
 One of the issues still obscure in Iranian society is the position of public relations and its relationship with marketing in Iran. In general, public relations are the interface of the organization with the people, while the marketing of the organization (the bank) is the most important corpus of the whole society, that is, customers based. Marketing in Iran therefore deals with the main banking audience of customers, while public relations with the general public are engaged through advertising in Iran. Although some of the things that public relations do is also within the framework of marketing tasks out of Iranian market, but because public relations groups in Iran have a relationship they are suitable and strong and they have good expertise and experience, part of the work of customer relationship has been institutionalized through public relations, and since these activities have been recognized as public relations tasks in recent years now marketing systems are in the process of implementation, problems have arisen in understanding the relevant issues of these two sectors out of Iranian market. Therefore, the cultural infrastructure of the educational system should be changed through education, in the result of which the banking system of the country, and in particular the Iranian Export Bank, is successful when it has a definite definition for public relations and clearly structured its marketing organizations for marketing in Iran. Specifically defined in each department of the organization, as follows the interventions and synapses will reach zero, so as to isolate these activities, each task will be carried out in a manner that is as viable as possible.
Marketing system in Iran especially the traditional marketing and advertising in Iran do not often is customer-dependent. By the time that the country's banking system is to examine, we find that the services and products of the bank based on the same methods and theories affect marketing in Iran in an enormous perspective. Regarding these manners and base on the values of customer Marketing in Iran, bank system in Iran, advertising in Iran are merely" in The motto is slogan and never satisfies the needs and wishes of customers in different age groups and geographic locations are not paying attention too, and the delivery processes are always long and one-sided out of Iranian market. For example, the competition market among the banks is hostile to attracting each other's customers, the products and services are the same and stable, the customer base and the services of the new banking services are less common. This can create a lot of problems due to making goods out of marketing in Iran. As a matter of fact most banks have lost their old customers easily and their market share is heavily threatened. Due to the widening of interbank markets and the entry of private banks, foreign banks, and financial institutions, the flow of trading activities in the banking system has changed completely and of course we cannot say that it changed properly. Therefore, special attention is paid to modern marketing and valued desires and wishes of customers, and the attitude toward the traditional marketing and banking system is trying to be neglected. Major Banks are changing towards customers. Therefore, the use of new marketing approaches will also change the state of competition and profitability, and dynamism in monetary markets will be new in appearance not only for marketing in Iran but also for advertising in Iran and banking in Iran.

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