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New marketing in Iran
New marketing in Iran

New marketing in Iran

Effective marketing of today's world due to the globalization of competition requires marketing-centric and customer-oriented firms to be real and new marketing means to encompass the knowledge, skills and techniques of marketing, advertising and marketing in Iran both inside and outside the country and even in all markets has reached high levels.

It is based on the concept of customer orientation and attention to the needs and expectations of different customers and communities. It is necessary to note that future competition is a global and professional competition and requires the identification and implementation of new strategies out of Iranian market, the examination of complex and diverse markets, the achievement of dynamic organizations with flexible processes, increasing the ability to meet customer needs, and awareness of tools trading and marketing in Iran are international and competitive and can provide the conditions to improve our competitive ability. As competition becomes more difficult and tighter, marketing in Iran will be more specialized, and it will be necessary to embrace the concepts, techniques, tools of marketing and sales. Because the transition from traditional marketing in Iran to new and competitive marketing in Iran is crucial to meet these requirements, and must be properly addressed to all aspects of marketing in order to realize the goals of new marketing in Iran out of Iranian market.
The marketing dimension of this dimension is generally dependent on the systemic attitude of managers, the study of social and environmental factors, cultural change, marketing information systems, customer needs identification and behavior, and the necessary framework for implementing all aspects of marketing is provided.
 1. Marketability: Market orientation and customers’ needs is the first feature of marketing in Iran and managers of each organization must synchronize themselves with the conditions of the day.
2. Marketing: systematically recognizing the market for collecting information and identifying Iranian market factors such as competitors, potential and actual customers.
3. Searching: Searching for the most appropriate tool for designing and delivering new and quality services, finding the areas that the organization can deploy more efficiently.
 4. Marketing research: Influencing the market and introducing and identifying the organization, its products and services using marketing tools.
5. Marketing data: Enables the organization to identify changes and developments.
6. Analysis: Analyzing the market situation according to what we were and what we are and what we should have. Market research is the orientation of the organization's movements in the future.
7. Market: Maintaining a customer base and creating a platform for attracting marketable customers is the most important tool of communication with people, providing appropriate services and knowledge of the movement of competitors out of Iranian market. The arts and crafts market is a customer satisfaction.
8. Grammy Market: A timely advertisement and guidance to inform and encourage customers to communicate more with the organization.
9. Marketing management: Market management that involves planning, implementing and controlling various market issues and various marketing dimensions.
Conclusion: It is necessary to develop new managerial attitudes towards customer-orientation approaches and competitive principles, and since they are powerful and powerful management levers out of Iranian market, they always have a very important role for the proper introduction of an organization. As with the proper of them and various marketing tools due to marketing in Iran; the goals, attitudes and actions of all sectors of the organization, the way in which services and products are delivered in an interactive and coordinated manner. Therefore, the old and famous organizations need to continually improve their activities and introduce new products and services in the competitive market to change their current situation. Therefore, disregard for the realities of marketing science and not changing views on new markets and the future conditions will lead to the loss of the current Iranian market and irreparable losses in the future, in order to prevent such consequences and negative consequences, the need to change the attitude and correct understanding of the principles and marketing concepts are critical and vital. In the end, it should be noted that marketing is not a word, it is an act of belief, that is, we must enjoy it, and the recipient of the service must be satisfied with the service that he receives from us. This is a phenomenon that is related to human beings. And if all the staff of the bank accept and believe that there is a pleasure to serve, and in the end that pleasure is bilaterally, they will definitely pay more attention to the marketing phenomenon. So let's not forget that scientific marketing is practical.
The proper use of existing facilities and capabilities for marketing in Iran will enable managers and business owners to have more open space for knowledge and expertise to promote business. The use of knowledge in the field of recruitment leads to a high level of marketing staff and a significant increase in the sales of the institution.
New technologies and the ever-increasing advances in information technology have led international marketing science to be raised, all of which has added to the complexity and development of new marketing even for Iranian market. Using these cases has led to a lot of growth in Internet marketing too.
In new recruitment due to the advancement of marketing science, different sectors have been added to companies and institutions. In order to avoid disturbing the marketing process, the company's goals are divided into smaller and more detailed parts. Given the breadth and complexity of the marketplace that we are facing in the present for marketing in Iran, you cannot achieve all your goals with a comprehensive and general purpose, and you must take into account the changes that have been made in the field of marketing, diverse programs for the purposes. Set yourself up.