Candles in Iranian market

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Candles in Iranian market

The market for candles in Iran is vastly wonderful. More than 5 billion Tomans per day are burned in Iran, and Iranian producers will eventually be able to produce and compensate to 5 to 6 million Tomans.

This is due to the fact that Iranian market is the third largest paraffin producer in the world, and Chinese manufacturers do not qualify for quality for marketing Iran. We had an interview with Ali Akbar Ghadiri, CEO of the Sun's Candle Workshop on the investment landscape in this area, which you will follow in this article.
Excellent export market
"America is the world's first and foremost paraffin producer, so the candle industry is very strong," said Chudiri, referring to major candle producers in the world. The Yankee brand is the most famous brand in the United States, after which Norway and Iran are the worlds largest paraffin producers whose candle making industry in Iranian market is among the best.
By saying these words, he says: "Our Company’s production piles are exclusively for export, so there are no rivals in Iranian market due to our work. In Turkey, there existed an excellent export market for Iran, but due to a shortage of tourists in the country, exports to Turkey were also difficult. Currently, Erbil, Tajikistan and Armenia are very good export markets. "If our rivals were strong, they would not allow foreign competitors to enter the country out of Iranian market for not only marketing in Iran but also global marketing," he says. It is very difficult to remove these rivals from the domestic market because the producer does not want to lose at a price when he acquires a market.
In molding and equipment we have weaknesses
"In a few cases, such as candlesticks and polycarbonate molds, our company is exclusively the only manufacturer in Iranian market," he says. In the field of paraffin production, many producers out of Iranian market are active in this field. In fact, I have to say that raw materials for the production of candles are 100% produced in Iran.
"The equipment used in this industry is fully imported from China," he said.
For example, an Iranian craftsman with 70 million units can be imported from China for 36 million Tomans.
This policy is wrong, or the device must be imported and we must produce the rest of the process or, if there is not enough production, to import. Unfortunately, the wrong policies of businessmen are at the expense of domestic producers.
Qadiri, in relation to the price of imported machinery, says that the price of imported equipment varies from 30 million USD to 2 700 million USD. Currently, I have five devices that are responsive to our export business.
There is nothing to fail, except in the minds of individuals
The producer says: "My initial capital was $ 20,000 to start, and I started working very badly and in hard ways." I have to say that I started my work from the hardest part of the work with a lot of tests and errors. After taking out my pile for sale, the buyer accepted the buyer and ordered another 400, I got a bigger decision. The production of this number of candles was not as great as our ability, so we decided that we would learn and experiment with the many experiments and mistakes that others were taught to expand our work and to empower these people to Use our own production out of Iranian market.
By saying these words, Ghadiri adds: Our school has all the training of candles, making jewelry, painting on glass and so on. For free training in the neighborhood chapters. We have already taught 58,000 students for free and we are seeking to obtain a certificate of technical and professional certification with the approval of the establishment of the school. He goes on to say: If anyone wants to start work and invest in this area, I can say that it can be started with 3 million Tomans. That is, it can start by purchasing a device in its low volume. Such a device costs up to 3 million Tomans for marketing in Iran. That's the way it works, and in the long run, it can increase its business, capitalization, and production through capital injections. He explains that his 20 thousand Tomans capital at the beginning of the route has been converted to a 2,300-meter workshop with 46 personnel and will pay more than 30 million Tomans per month.
Cyberspace, an opportunity for sale
"I use cyberspace to sell my product better and better," said Kadyeri. "over the Telegram, Line, and Instagram, we post photos of our production piles, and with our English-friendly explanations on our page, foreign customers from all over the world Can contact us by viewing the photo and reading the description out of marketing in Iran. "The candle market in Iran is a tremendous market," he said. More than 5 billion tomans per day are burned in Iranian market, and Iranian producers will eventually produce 5 to 6 million Tomans. For example, my company produces at most 50,000 candles, of which a very low percentage of this amount is imported into the Iranian market. Of the 80 million people in the country, if only one-tenth of a percent of it, they would be cranky to light a few candles a day. He continues: Each candle will cost about 10 thousand Tomans, so if you multiply 80 million at 10 thousand Tomans, it comes to catch our attention.

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