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Shoe marketing in Iran
Shoe marketing in Iran

Shoe marketing in Iran

A negligible contribution to the national production of the shoe market
The activities of shoe mafia brands, a 25% increase in imports, strict customs regulations, and the raising of the benefits of banking facilities,

all and all of the Iranian footwear industry out of Iranian market have pushed for the closure of manufacturing firms one after another. Workers say that the production of shoes is not springtime in Iranian market, while 6,000 units of production and sales have been licensed, but only about 25 percent of the units are employed. In the same matter, last year, 400 shops in Tabriz announced that they were going to sell only Iranian shoes and joined the crowd, Khorasani, Maraghei, Shabestari, Marandi and Azar Shahrih for marketing in Iran. It seems that the strengthening of such a spirit can gradually encourage and direct Iranians to buy national shoes with getting help by pumping good advertising in Iranian market. Iranian shoes imported an increasing trend, and in July this year, the chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian shoe industry community announced that shoe imports in 1995 had grown three and a half times compared to the year 96. Ali Lashgari said in an interview with Tsenim, pointing out that the export of all kinds of shoes in the quarter was worth 30 to 35 percent this year, said the official statistics show last year that the Iranian market saw a three- and half-year increase in shoe imports compared to the year 96 has been. He said that according to global statistics, the average export of shoes for marketing in Iran from $ 350 million over the past four years reached $ 250 million, adding that this figure shows that the route of shoes smuggling to Iranian market has come to official imports.
Concerns about the massive import volume out of marketing in Iran
Nowadays, the activities of the mafia brands of shoes and a 25% increase in the import of this product out of marketing in Iran has been a concern for the sharp head of the head of the shoe trade union of Tehran. According to statistics, shoe imports grew by about 25% in 2017 compared to the previous year, according to World Trade Organization's official statistics, the import of shoes in 2016 labeled with an amount to $ 490 million and in 2017 to 520 million due to marketing in Iran. Shoe shoppers believe that this has happened while the Iranian customs authorities have announced the import of footwear and other goods needed by the United States at $ 29 million in the first 10 months of the last year in Iranian market, while the investigation shows that it has allocated $ 15 million worth of footwear to imports of shoes. Shoe stores criticize shoe imports from countries such as Turkey, Italy, and China. They believe that imports are in a situation where it is possible to produce quality shoes in Iranian market for marketing in Iran based on Iranian costumers’ desires as well as other countries, especially the European countries with strict rules, mainly are preventing the entry of shoes to their country. In the same vein, the chairman of the Shoemaking Association of Tehran, referring to the strict rules of these countries, told Fars, "If we want to export the shoe to Europe, they want us to make the shoe leather desensitization, and given that this "There is no possibility for us, in general, European countries lock the export of shoes in Iranian market and even in Asian market." Rasool Shajari stated that the shoes are being legally and illegally imported for marketing in Iran, adding: "But the Islamic Republic of Iran has strict rules prohibiting the import of materials "The shoe is for the domestic production," he continued: “When an importer is allowed the initial wad faces a lot of import problems, it certainly prefers to import goods like shoes or import them in other ways.
Their clothing class has been plagued not only by imports but also by the activities of 25 foreign brands of shoes supplying in Iranian market. They believe that in our country we have the ability to produce shoes for up to 400 million people, but this industry is working with 50 percent of its capacity and adding to its problems every day. Shoe manufacturing companies are closed one after another and this problem is not limited to the presence of foreign brands, but the activists say that if everything is possible for the producer, the profit is 10%, while the profit of the banking facility is higher than 18% Designated. Also, tax problems are among the concerns that arise out of marketing in Iran. "In the past five years, what we paid for the income tax was our own capital, not income," according to the statistics released. Currently, 6,000 units have received production and sales licenses, but this is not the case. Only about 25% of the units are working.
Shajari emphasized: "About 250 million pairs of shoes are needed for the Iranian market each year, and unfortunately the share of Iranian producers in this process is still falling or less." However, according to the chairman of the Machine Manufacturers Association for the problems of Iranian producers out of Iranian market said: "The production of indoor footwear has been improving in recent years, but the overall improvement is not solely dependent on the producer himself. The success of the production of shoes in Iranian market requires a good variety of raw materials, skilled and trained personnel, and the removal of rules and regulations. Unfortunately, we are collecting VAT from today while this type of tax is for consumers. When the manufacturer of raw materials arrives in the country and receives 9% of the VAT at the customs border, we actually raise the price of one product with our own hands.