Hotel industry in Iranian market

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Hotel industry in Iranian market

Iran is rich in tourist attractions but hotel challenges are a major obstacle to the development of the tourism industry out of Iranian market.
Iran is not only diminishes in terms of its tourist attractions, but also of its beautiful nature during the four seasons to its various religious,

historical and recreational sites and of course Iranian market and its huge capacity to make good out of marketing in Iran are great advantages. Nevertheless, the tourism industry of the Iranian market is as it should and perhaps not developed. However, although in recent years, after the lifting of sanctions in the eleventh government, the number of foreign tourists in Iranian market was increased, but the rich tourism capacities of Iran have the potential to attract more than this amount of tourists not only for tourism but also for marketing in Iran.
Few countries can be found simultaneously in one region, diverse climates, religious tombs, monuments, and natural landscapes. In winter, when in the western part of the country, we see the snow falling in the southern parts of the eastern part of eastern Iran and the climate of spring and cool guests of these areas. Nevertheless, the tourism industry out of Iranian market in different parts of the world is far from the standards of the World Tourism Organization (WTO). Meanwhile, hotel management is one of the main components of tourism, which, according to the evidence and analysis of experts in the industry in Iranian market, faces serious challenges. We have heard very much about the flattery and dissatisfaction of friends and acquaintances during domestic trips and staying in hotels in Iran. Inadequate service quality, lack of hygiene, expensive rooms, poor quality meals, and inappropriate treatment of some hotel staff are examples of customer discontent after using hotels. Lack of investment, government involvement in hotel pricing, service delivery, lack of specialized manpower and inappropriate distribution of holidays in the year are among the most important barriers to the hotel industry in Iranian market.
Two major hospitality challenges in Iran
Ali Rahimpour, a faculty member at the Cultural Heritage Research Institute in a conversation with IRNA researcher, highlighted the challenges facing the hotel industry in Iran. Information technology and training of expert human resources are considered by the expert as the main foundations of hoteliers. Rahimpour said:
If we take advantage of the latest scientific and research achievements of this industry in the world, we will be in the ranks of successful hoteliers.
The training of specialist personnel, management in the provision of services and financial areas is another major component of hotel industry, which Iran faces with major challenges in this area as, according to Rahimpur, the hospitality industry is a human-centered, demand-driven customer Therefore, when the client goes to the hotel, he expects respect, services and leisure time management, otherwise he would go to a typical restaurant or a guesthouse.
"Unfortunately, in the past decades, we did not pay attention to the training of human resources specialists in the hotel industry and tourism industry out of marketing in Iran, while before there was a hotel-school in Iran, and many international hotels had trademarks in the country, and services The presentation was in accordance with international standards.ā€¯
One of the disadvantages of the hospitality industry in Iranian market, from the perspective of international experts in this area, is that Iran has large hotels with good food quality but faces customers in the way they offer or serve them. Rahimpour said the customer service and the provision of services in starred hotels in the country face a serious problem. For example, many hotels are equipped with equipment similar to those found at the homes of Iranian families, and are tailor-made, while those who come to five-star hotels offer a variety of services and arrangements. Different from what they own at home. That is, the hotel rooms differ from the home room.
In the eyes of the Managing Director of the Mehr Travel Insurance of Iran Hotels in Iranian market, in five sections of facilities, equipment, and quality of service, training or human resources management, health have problems that the modeling of the hospitality industry of other Muslim countries such as Malaysia can contribute to the growth of this industry Help their market and it can help Iranian market too.
Rahimpur, at the end, compares the comparative quality of hotel services with other countries in the world: the tourism industry in the advanced countries has now led to the construction of green hotels. Green hotels provide their customers with sustainable development and green tourism. Minimal waste generation, minimalist use of detergents, the use of renewable energy in the hotel and the provision of organic foods are among the features of these hotels.
In the world, it is considered a standard hotel built on sustainability of tourism and sustainable development
According to the activist of the tourism industry, Iranian hotels are in good condition in terms of physical and hardware standards, namely, the area of the rooms and the overall area of the hotel. The only problem with high land prices, high rates of facilities and hotel service rates by the government is barriers to the development of the hotel industry. However, in other countries, hotel accommodation is considered as public services and hotels, and the land is provided free of charge to the investor, and the hotel rates are not controlled by the state.

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