Oil Marketing in Iran

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Oil Marketing in Iran

The position of the edible oil industry in the world
Edible oils are one of the most important materials used in the world's baking, with their daily application rates high in the world.

For this reason, the edible oil industry is one of the most important industries in the world today. In the meantime, vegetable oils are very popular in the food industry, and in addition to other industries such as the production of soap, washing powder and personal care products, but it should be said that the vast majority of consumption of oil in food, and especially in recent years, with attention Considering the importance of the health of the diet, the use of vegetable oils has become a priority. The report seeks to examine the growth, consumption, and outlook of the edible oil industry in the world.
Vegetable oils; the most consumable
Today, the main consumption of edible oils in the world is related to vegetable oils, so that the consumption of animal oil is much less; the use of vegetable oils in food products is a good alternative to animal oils that have less unsaturated fatty acids than animal oils. Hence, global demand for vegetable oils has risen in recent years, according to statistics, in 2009, 61% of total world oil, palm oil and soybean oil was 33% And 28% of global production.
Vegetable oils are fatty extracts from plants that are produced as solid or liquid tissues; the main application of these oils is in Cooking, and to some extent it is used in the fuel and cosmetic industry. The most common types of these oils include palm oil, soya, canola and sunflower seeds. Palm oil is found mostly in tropical Africa, North America and Southeast Asia, and about 90 percent of this oil is consumed for oral use.
Canola oil, also known as rapeseed oil, has, in recent years, found a lot of food intake, with many more omega-3 and omega-6 acids and a lower volume of unsaturated fatty acids, has found many fans in the world; During 1996-1995 the consumption of this oil was 11.2 million tons, reaching 25.63 million in 2014-2013.
In general, according to statistics, edible oil consumption in the world in 2014-2015 is as follows: Date oil: 60.73 million tons; Soybean oil: 46.79 million tons; Rapeseed oil: 27 million tons; Sunflower oil: 15.18 million tons; Consumption other oils were 23.57 million tons.
The Growth of the Global Growth of Vegetable Vegetables
In recent years, due to the importance of global consumers to the use of vegetable oil instead of animal oil, demand for these oils is increasing, resulting in significant growth in the industry not only in Iranian market but also in global marketing, which is also evident in the above statistics. With the increasing demand for vegetable oils, the market value of this industry for global marketing and marketing in Iran has also grown significantly and has brought about a boom in business. A market researcher reports that the market for vegetable oils was estimated at $ 81 billion in 2012, and analysts are expected to see an increase of 2.5 percent in annual growth of 2017, worth $ 91.4 billion, according to analysts.
Growth in the population, increasing public health awareness, and the importance of healthy diets are among the factors behind the growth of this market. In particular, developing countries with more populations are among the main consumers of the industry out of marketing in Iran and global marketing. According to statistics, the main markets of this industry are Asian countries, and Europe and North America are also in terms of consumption.
The food industry in Iranian market
The oil industry in Iranian market is dependent on the import of raw materials, although in recent years, existing oils in Iran are mostly domestic, but it should not be ignored that the manufacturers of this industry import a lot of raw materials. Therefore, the price fluctuation in this industry out of marketing in Iran is dependent on fluctuations in imported raw materials that has been increasing in recent years.
Behshahr Industrial Group is one of the most important producers of vegetable oils in 2015, accounting for 49% of its share. The edible oils of Laden, Spring, Nastaran and ... are among the most famous products of this company, as well as the innovations of this industrial group in packaging and offering the right quality of its other features.
According to the report of the IRNA Economic News Agency, according to the statistics of the Iranian Vegetable Oil Association, about 2,318 tons of exports were made in the last six months for marketing in Iran. In 1995, the amount of vegetable oil exported was 13,185 thousand tons, and in 1994 it was close to 8 thousand 734 tons, which is almost 51 percent increase in 95 years. Although the major part of Iranian vegetable oil exports to Iraq and Afghanistan is being made, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are also importers of Iranian vegetable oils. Meanwhile, over the period from 86 to 88, close to 100,000 tons of Iranian manufactured oil were shipped to target countries because Iran, with more than 3 million tons of production capacity, could increase its annual exports, but now these factories account for half the production capacity Work themselves.
A leading exporter of oil industry in world markets
Jafar Biralvand, a member of Iran's Vegetable Oil Industry Association, told IRNA about the latest state of export of this product. Since 1991, after the sanctions have been imposed on Iranian market, the country's currency conditions have encountered problems. As a result, that oil export was banned from the country. Managing director of Margarine Company said: "This multi-year ban has caused the producers and exporters of vegetable oils to lose their export markets out of global and Iranian market. He added: "In recent years, with the support of the government and the relative improvement of the country's financial and economic conditions, exporting companies operating in the export sector have gradually found themselves in the region.

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