Glasses marketing in Iran

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Glasses marketing in Iran

The failure of Iranian market to enter glasses production area has created a favorable atmosphere for the increasing foreign profits in this sector. As one of the most important issues that should be addressed in the agenda of the relevant organizations and the private sector as a productive and economic public activist,

the reporter for the industry, trade and agriculture group of the Young Women's Journalists Club, is focused on In the production and construction of certain items and commodities, there must be a growing and more productive role in the agenda, an area which, due to some of its low interest, has become a hub for the profiteering of foreigners and brokers out of Iranian market.
Glasses can be considered as examples of this weakness and neglect, an area that, despite the relatively favorable market of marketing in Iran and the inevitable need of a significant portion of society, unfortunately, domestic production has been weak in this field. Actually, glasses market in Iran is limited by foreigners and framed manufacturers. Glasses sold with fake titles under the name of the famous world-famous brands at high prices.
Mustafa Rezaei, a distributor of sunglasses and glasses in the western province of Tehran, said in an interview with the reporter of industry, commerce and agriculture, pointing to the massive import of glasses to the country for marketing in Iran, "Unfortunately, in this section, as in many areas Another, with the phenomenon of smuggling and uncontrolled imports, with the difference that in the domestic support sector, we have witnessed many neglecting in this regard, and basically we do not see a similar domestic production in this field out of glasses marketing in Iran.
He added that the optics industry is considered to be a delicate manufacturing activity, in which two elements of quantity and quality play a significant role in the survival of the producer units.
Glasses’ largest distributor in the west of Tehran province said: Profitability of glasses production requires two components of high quality and high-quality printing for marketing in Iran, and in the event of the vacuum of any of the above, the producer will no doubt suffer from economic failure and damage.
He added: "With such features and considering that eyewear production cannot be defined in traditional industries, framing equipment and devices are a requirement for success in this field. Rezaei said: "Unfortunately, we are faced with problems with the import of related devices, and most of these forms come at a tariff that is being used to import such equipment into the country for marketing in Iran." This major distributor of glasses in the western province of Tehran stated: "Unfortunately, some neglecting is caused burns that can be compensated for in some cases, it is very difficult and even impossible, that the field of glasses is also one of the examples. Under conditions that were not so complex and difficult to plan, it was possible to maintain the interests of this market for the benefit of producers and even consumers, and parallel to that, we will see significant currency savings due to make goods in Iranian market.
He added: "Given that the majority of the population of the consumer eyewear market (sunshine), the market of this product is so attractive that, with the support of relevant organizations and reducing the tariff for imports of manufacturing equipment, our dependence on its products The borders of countries such as Germany, Italy, and in particular China are reduced to a minimum.
Rezaei said: Given the bitter fact that unemployment has become a serious economic and social failure, supporting the production of glasses in the interior will bring significant gains in employment and valuable for Iranian market too, and surely young people are calling for a lot of work In such centers (if set up and take into account maximum support), this challenging (unemployment) problem will pass. He added: "It is hoped that in the year that the Supreme Leader called for the Iranian product, the necessary measures should be taken to encourage, encourage and support individuals and groups interested in activities in this field out of marketing in Iran and global marketing.
Rezaei said: "Today, we see many profits in the eyeglass market through dealers, intermediaries, and some distributors, which, with proper planning, will turn these threats into a constructive opportunity to reduce the country's economic problems." It is hoped that Iranian market will not be allowed to produce certain items such as glasses, watches, etc., to pay deeper and more serious attention because the continuation of this situation and the position of a mere importer in relation to such commodities and products, As with Iran, there are no potential talent and potential work. With the provision of special facilities and consideration of designs tailored to the needs of the day and the taste of the Iranian market, it is possible to use the turnover of this field in the country's economic scene.
Of the two large factories that have been manufacturing glasses for marketing in Iran, they are now shut down and the other one is only manufacturing safety glasses. According to the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), despite the necessity of producing glasses and sunglasses, which is due to demand in this field, the share of the domestic industry in the production of this product is still negligible and even near zero. Vice President of the glasses Manufacturers and Sellers Union, said: "Currently, most of the sunglasses and medical glasses used in the country are imported from countries such as China, Korea, Germany, Italy and France.”

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