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Iranian Toothpaste Market
Iranian Toothpaste Market

Iranian Toothpaste Market

10% share of coal tar in the domestic market
Member of the Association of Detergent Industries, referring to the 75% share of imported toothpaste in the Iranian Toothpaste Market, said: $ 2 billion for the import of toothpaste has spent for marketing in Iran.

"The share of imported toothpastes in the Iranian market is very high, and now foreigners are in the hands of the cosmetics industry in Iranian market," said Mohammad Dolabi, a news conference at the news conference in Dunda. "As the automotive industry witnesses the assembly of Peugeot products we think that these cares are domestic production, we also see that in the cosmetics industry," he continued.
Member of the Association of Detergent Industries, saying that in the final products market the foreign companies for marketing in Iran have a high share, adding: "In the toothpaste market without considering advertising in Iran, we are also witnessing the import and supply of products that are high in terms of the amount of sodium fluoride used, However, the world's most researched dental researchers say that this material should be removed from toothpaste.
He stated that the consumption of toothpaste in Iranian market was 300 million tubes and said: "In such a situation, foreign companies present in the Iranian industry are speculating about the production of these products with sodium fluoride and some standards that use 1500 micrograms of sodium fluoride in authorized toothpastes Says they are referring to themselves, while in some countries, such as Malaysia, the use of sodium fluoride in toothpaste is unacceptable.
Member of the Association of Detergent Industries continued: The price of sales of coarse toothpaste out of marketing in Iran is one-third the price of a similar foreign (American and Japanese), now the production capacity of 1,000 tons of this toothpaste has been created in the country, which can increase to 3 thousand tons.
According to him, coagulant toothpaste could account for 10% of the share of foreign toothpastes on the domestic market.
He said that about 80 to 90 percent of the raw materials is needed for the production of charcoal toothpaste due to marketing in Iran which will be supplied from the inside, said that Nano-toothpaste, which is like no charcoal toothless, without sodium fluoride, will soon be produced in the country.
Millions of Toothpaste Marketing in Iran
 Mba News - Statistics show that 94% of Iranian towns use toothpaste.
Sixty-three million Iranians, at least once a year, were purchasing toothpaste, according to a study conducted on the consumer toothpaste market over the past 12 months. Meanwhile, market surveys show that 43% of people used toothpaste in the first 12 months of the year 88 a day. 33% also said they have consumed 2 to 3 times daily for toothbrush teeth. Also, the amount of toothpaste has been reported for 2 or 3 times per week for 5%. With this in mind, if every person buys toothpaste on an average monthly basis, the market will reach 804 million annually.
Among the brand names, Kirst's toothpaste is also the most popular brand in the market with 21%. Pooneh with 20% and Drugar, two and three with 19, 18 and 15% are among the most well-known brands of toothpaste, respectively. After these products, Nasim has been ranked among the top names of toothpastes by allocating 17% of its market. Paveau, Puneh, and Taha are the most popular toothpastes in Iranian market.
A member of the Waste Industries Association said the country was importing $ 1.2 billion in toothpaste, with 10% of the 75% share of the domestic consumer market being sold with foreign brands to domestic products. According to Polneyvos, Mohammad Dolabi said in a news conference that 75 percent of the Iranian toothpaste market is for imported goods, adding that $ 1.2 billion worth of toothpaste is imported annually; with domestic producers having only a 25 percent share of the Iranian market by the top of the power. He pointed to the goal of gaining a 40 percent share of the 75 percent Iranian market for foreign toothpaste that is currently being imported through imports, adding: "In just 60 days, we were able to gain 10 percent of the Iranian market share of foreigners, and to ask for the creation of Iran's new toothpastes have been procured in Turkey, Armenia and Iraq.
Member of the Association of Detergent Industries announces 300 million toothpastes annually in the country for marketing in Iran and added: "We have so far achieved 10% of the market share of the foreign market and offer a similar third-party price to the market."
According to him, stating that the standard 1500 milligrams of fluoride are currently being used in toothpaste, he said: "Because of the huge lobbies that manufacturers of the world's leading brands have made for the use of sodium fluoride, manufacturers are keen to reduce the amount of sodium fluoride in their products And the results of research on carcinogenicity of this product are constantly ignored in dental associations. Dolai added: "Sodium fluoride producers are trying to get it at a much lower cost than other types of toothpastes that have proven innocuous in their new research," he said.

"The production of sodium fluoride in the world has begun in 2014," he said, saying that the production of toothpaste in the world began in 2014, "scientific findings from this research have been taken away from scientific sites.