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Video gaming in Iranian market
Video gaming in Iranian market

Video gaming in Iranian market

Iran's gaming industry is not limited to domestic markets
Director of the National Computer Games Foundation said: "By presenting the International Exhibition and Programming Games to the international community,

we show that, despite the limitations, we are not isolated or limited to the internal market and we are practically fighting on the line of international engagement out of game marketing in Iran.
Hassan Karimi Qaddoosi, at the TGC International Exhibition and Conference, said: "The great welcome of the domestic and international gaming industry activists from the first TGC in 2017 will mark this event the largest B2B event in the video games industry in Iranian market and in the global market."
"In addition to the three main goals of the event, which is to share the knowledge and experience of Iranian gamers, help and facilitate the dissemination of Iranian video games, as well as confidence building and the introduction of Iranian market to the international community, we want to show that our game makers can compete in the international community.
Karimi Ghaddoosi, considered limiting the internal market to mean the gradual death of Iran's gaming industry, saying: "Therefore, we will hold the second event of this conference and exhibition wider and more extensive than in the past, to be the largest trade and scientific event in the Middle East.
He added: "In the following years, we want to see TGC at a local or regional level where activists in that area will practice their education at TGC out of marketing in Iran. The TGC's National Gaming Director announced today that TGC will be discussing development awards next year and will not be limited to Iranian market; we will have that among the 33 countries of the region.
Karim Ghaddoosi, explaining that the Gamstone Award consists of two parts of the game and story, said talented gamers in these 33 countries have a lot of potential to attend international markets, the fictional tales of these games along with creativity And their energy has created different charming games in the area. He added that the Gaming Award tries to provide a clear light for these talents and potential in the face of the world's gaming elite.
Karimi also added the other differentiation in this period of TGC conference: During this period, the interaction with the French connection game has become wider and increased the risk of the game connection, after the first round of offerings; the contract was presented for marketing in Iran, but the National Computer Games Company, with the vigilance, closed the deal exclusively, which prevented the contract from being canceled.
Karimi Ghaddoosi said: After TGC, the presence of Iranian game makers in foreign festivals increased and game developers realized that they could interact with foreign countries.
He said Iranian gamers needed to interact with international events after the TGC2017, which is why for the first time Iranian gamers attended the show at the French Game Connect exhibition and the presence of our country's actors in international events after TGC has grown significantly.
In the course of the meeting, the project manager of the 2nd TGC Exhibition, the promotion of quality is the most important approach of the conference.
"We have five changes in this period, one of which is the change in the buyers sector, and we emphasize that the outlet and conclusion of a commercial contract are a priority in Iranian market, while the number of buyers last year was about ten companies, during this period, taking thirty buyers part of the event." We have negotiated with twenty-one of them which they were willing to buy.
He said other speakers' changes in the course have grown from 60 speakers last year to 80 lecturers this year, with 50 foreign speakers and 30 Iranian speakers due to game marketing in Iran and advertising in Iran.
The TGC Project Manager also said that one of the congresses' problems was the lack of speech level, so the conferences will be classified into three levels of beginner, intermediate and professional, so that audiences are better off.
Asteri added: "According to feedback from activists in the gaming industry in Iranian market, the master classes will be held one day before the event so that participants in this section can also use the conferences, resulting in some kind of improvements in three days."
He said that another change is the "Gaming Award" that Iran and 32 African and Asian countries, whose developing gaming industry are climbing as hard as they can, they are categorized in the form of a gaming platform, and a match between their gaming projects.
Asteri noted: these games will be judged by international publishers, and the nominees for each section that will be introduced on June 15 will have the opportunity to attend the TGC and use free space, and the top performers will be announced at the closing ceremony.
The TGC took over 2,360 people last year
In the next meeting, the project manager of the TGC 2017 outlined the figures and achievements of the event, saying the National video Games Association, TGC, in collaboration with the French Connection Company, one of the most prominent organizers of business events in the world is starting.
Mehrdad Ashtiani added: "We pursued three goals of sharing international gaming experience with Iranian game makers, facilitating and helping Iranian gamers to publish products in international markets, as well as building confidence in Iran and the Iranian gaming industry to the international community."
Referring to the fact that several areas have been held to achieve these goals, he added: To achieve these goals, various sections, including exhibition space and business meetings, conferences, panels and master classes, awards for developers and an exclusive space for independent gamers was considered.
Ashtiani noted that in the past period, TGC had 2,360 attendees, 51 percent attending conferences, and 18 percent of the visitors were for commercial purposes due to marketing in Iran.
He said that 60 specialist conferences were held in two days on 5 issues of design, artistic, technical, project management and business design in two days; 30 speakers from 15 countries came to the event, with the largest share of speakers in respectively The countries were Canada, France, Germany and the United States.
Ashtiani continued: 120 exhibitors were arranged in the exhibition section, with 73 stands for commercial companies and 47 stands for independent or indie teams, and foreign publishers came to the invitation of the National Games.
He said: We have been working to make the publishers participating in the event active in various markets, including the Arab, Turkish and European markets, to cover all targeted markets.
Referring to the fact that the developers' contest was another important part of the event last year, Ashtiani said: "During this time, 21 international referees chose to judge and select the best and most innovative Iranian games, and of course, it was a good opportunity to play these games carefully. It was valued by foreign publishers because Iranian game makers did not copy foreign games and had pristine ideas based on our own culture.
According to him, the export of two Iranian games was performed by TGC and two Iranian games entered into an agreement with foreign publishers, and another point was that foreign participants announced that they were more have enjoyed the passionate and energetic presence of Iranian gamers more than anything else in the TGC.
The next event of the TGC Exhibition and Conference is held on July 14, 2018 in the hall of the Symposium on Audio and Television.